Maine Department of Education Releases Two Security Reports

Maine DOE

The Maine DOE released a security report from Safe Havens International and PDT Architects.

The report by Safe Havens International is called 20 Simple Strategies to Safer and More Effective Schools.

Excerpts from the report can be found at

Safe Havens International provided their services pro bono to the Maine DOEPat Hinckley, School Transportation and Facilities Administrator, said this about Mike Dorn, “Please offer my sincere appreciation to your team for all they have done.  I extend a special thank you to you for your professionalism, high quality work, and commitment to students.  We are all very grateful!”

Edged Weapon Rampage near Pittsburgh

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

A student reportedly went on a stabbing spree at Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania today.  Thus far, 20 people have been reported as injured, four seriously.  The suspect is in custody.

Edged weapon attacks, such as this, are actually more prevalent than Active Shooter Incidents, as outlined in the soon-to-be-released book Staying Alive: How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters, being released by Barron’s Educational May 13, 2014.

Student raped at school, suspect charged as an adult

Lawrence, Indiana

A 16-year old male student at Lawrence-Central High School in Indianapolis was arrested and is being charged as an adult for the rape of a fellow student.

The suspect and and a female student were walking together in the gym after the male said his mother was picking him up.  He then forced the girl into a closed off hallway and allegedly raped her.

Officials said that the evidence, including video, supported the charges.

Teachers balk at being ‘shot’ during Active Shooter exercises

Farmington, MO

Four Farmington teachers were handed goggles during an Active Shooter exercise, and told they might be shot with “pellet guns“.  The teachers refused and spoke with the Prosecutors office to seek legal advice.

No teachers are forced to participate in such training.

Terrorist use knives to attack Chinese train station

Kunming, China

29 people are dead and over 130 wounded in what Chinese authorities are calling a “premeditated, violent terrorist attack“.

A group of men armed with long knives descended upon unsuspecting patrons at the train station, randomly stabbing people, especially those too slow to react.

Indiana teacher arrested for child seduction

Greenwood, Indiana

A high school teacher at Greenwood High School was arrested over the weekend and charged with child seduction.  He was found naked in a truck with a 17-year old student.  He admitted to having had sex with the student.

He was a popular teacher, and last year was awarded the District Golf Coach of the Year.  He has resigned his position with the district.

Boko Haram killing school children

Nigeria, Africa

Boko Haram, an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group, has been attacking schools in NigeriaBoko Haram means, “Western Education is Forbidden”, and has viciously attacked schools, killing dozens of innocent school children.

This is a clear example that school safety is not just an issue in the US, but world-wide.

School administrator attacked by three students

Stamford, CT

A 67-year old school administrator was on his lunch break in a convenience store.  When he left, three teens who were in the store followed him out, then attacked him.  He was body-slammed, then repeatedly punched as he lay on the ground.

He sustained multiple fractures to his neck, back and left arm, and spent several days in the hospital.

The police investigated, identified the three teens, and have arrested them.

Mother reports 6-year old boy missing, he is found asleep on a school bus

Indianapolis, IN

When a 6-year old student did not get off the school bus at home, his mother knew something was wrong.  She called the Decatur Township bus barn and reported the missing boy.  He was found asleep on his bus, safe.

The mother was contacted and the child was taken home to her.

Decatur Township drivers, like all Indiana school bus drivers, are required to conduct a post-trip inspection after each route.