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Free School Security Videos – Safe Havens Posts more than one hour of high quality school security training videos on 04/24/2014
While a five person team of school security experts has been working diligently to conduct research for and to edit the new book Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters, the award winning Safe Havens International video crew has been filming and editing a series of powerful and informative school security training videos that outline research based concepts such as mental simulation, pattern matching and recognition and the window of life.

School Safety Info Graphic for Maine Department of Education School Safety Guide on 04/23/2014
Our video crew did an outstanding job in developing a companion infographic for the Twenty Strategies to Safer and More Effective Schools that was released by the Department last week.  Our public information intern is working on another infographic based on a new paper Relative Risks of Death in U.S.

New School Safety Report – Relative Risks of Death in U.S. Schools Released on 04/21/2014
Safe Havens has released a revealing new report - Relative Risks of Death in U.S. Schools. While report author Steve Satterly found a scarcity of reliable national data for several key areas such as fatal accidents not related to vehicles and deaths from medical emergencies, the data he found was very revealing. Of particular interest was the data he found relating to on-campus student suicide. I was personally quite surprised that these types of events were so statistically prevalent in relation to violent school deaths. While we have emphasized the need to devote increased attention to this, I did not realize how common these events are in relation to school homicides.

Maine Department of Education Releases Free Guide to No-cost and Low-cost School Safety Concepts on 04/18/2014
The Maine Department of Education released a new guide Twenty Simple Steps to Safer and More Effective Schools.  The first document of its type developed as part of a state-wide school security assessment, the guide focuses on relatively easy to implement strategies with little or no budgetary impact that are applicable to most public and non-public schools.  We are deeply proud of the Safe Havens analysts who agreed to perform the work for this project without any monetary compensation.

Mass Casualty Knife Attacks at Schools not Neccesarily a New Phenomenon on 04/11/2014
People who have seen me keynote conferences over the past five to six years are familiar that I often run through a series of mass casualty school attacks involving edged weapons.  I have blogged on this topic several times in recent years because we have noted a pattern for these types of attacks.  My officers worked two multiple victim edged weapons assaults committed by students during my ten-year tenure as a school district police chief in Bibb County, Georgia.

School Knife Attacks - Why Focusing Pervasively on Active Shooter Incidents can be Dangerous on 04/09/2014
National media are reporting that as many as twenty students have been stabbed at Franklin Regional High School near Pittsburgh this morning. Mass casualty attacks with edged weapons at K12 schools have taken place before in the United States and particularly in Asia. As we have described in previous blogs, hundreds of students and school staff have been killed and injured in edged weapons attacks in schools in the People’s of China in recent years.

School Tornado Planning – Separate Action Steps for Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning in your School Crisis Plans on 04/09/2014
We review many school crisis plans each year.  There are recurrent patterns involving opportunities for improvement that we notice.  I have found one of these patterns in several school crisis plans I reviewed in recent weeks.

School Security Expert Tip – Outside Numbering for School Crisis Situations When it is Helpful and when it can be Potentially Dangerous on 04/07/2014
For a number of years, we have advised many of our clients to consider using large numbers and when possible, directional lettering (i.e. 1W for a front exterior door facing the West). This can help emergency responders arrive faster at the location at a school where they are needed when seconds count. This approach can also be helpful for daily wayfinding, helping visitors locate the appropriate door during a special event, or even for improving communications for maintenance requests. Our preference is for schools to place these numbers above the door on the exterior for outside way finding and low on the interior to help occupants evacuate in the event of a fire.

Death by lockdown? Questioning "Proof" that Lockdown is a Failed Concept on 04/04/2014
Though the specific remedies recommended may vary, a number of people have suggested that school lockdowns are a failed concept that should be replaced.  The solutions offered typically center around options focused heavily on teaching people to attack an active shooter as a last resort.  There has been considerable controversy about these options with no real consensus among school safety experts, law enforcement officials, or educators regarding these approaches.

School Security Expert News - Man Brandishing gun shot by Columbus State University Police Officers on 03/31/2014
Police Chief Rus Drew from the Columbus State University Police Department in Columbus, Georgia confirmed that a suspect had been shot and killed by Columbus State Police. 

School Safety Expert Tip – Carefully Consider Traffic Hazards as Part of the School Safety Assessment Process on 03/28/2014
Steve Satterly has been working on a study contrasting the relative risk of death for fatal school-related traffic incidents and other types of safety incidents in relation to deaths from active shooter incidents in K12 schools. The results of the data analysis are clear, far more people are killed in school-related traffic incidents than in K12 active shooter situations. In fact, even when counting acts of violence in all categories, the fatality rate for school-related transportation incidents is still higher.

School Safety Expert Tip – Consider GIS Mapping Studies to Improve Student Supervision and to Reduce Risk on 03/26/2014
During a recent meeting with clients, Bill Miller who is one of our adjunct analysts, explained to district personnel how one large urban school district had reduced incidents, out of school suspensions, and expulsions by as much as 50% using GIS mapping surveys of students to identify hotspots combined with improved student supervision at those locations.  In this instance, the school district worked with local law enforcement to utilize a GIS mapping software the police department had to conduct GIS mapping studies of high schools.  Bill related that this process had provided an invaluable tool for building and district administrators.

School Safety Architecture on 03/24/2014
I had the great pleasure to work with an extremely talented group of school safety experts recently. I had an opportunity to work with a nationally recognized crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) expert Tod Schneider along with a group of architects and engineers from Parkhill, Smith and Cooper (PSC). PSC staff included Allan Wolf, Ken Johnson and Miles Hardaway who is both an engineer and an architect. PSC has more than 350 staff with about sixty of them assigned on school construction projects full-time. Ken Johnson has worked on projects for about 150 Department of Defense projects around the globe and has an extraordinary base of experience in school safety architecture.

Free School Safety Guide Near Completion on 03/12/2014
Safe Havens International recently completed its sixth statewide school safety assessment project for the Maine Department of Education. As we have done with previous state school safety assessment projects, our team agreed to work on a pro-bono project to supplement our work on the project. We are nearing completion of a free web-delivered guide which outlines twenty no-cost and low-cost school safety strategies based on our findings from school safety assessment projects around the nation

School Security Assessments – Integrity is Critical on 03/11/2014
Safe Havens was selected to conduct a school security assessment for a large urban school district through a competitive bid process. As we conducted the assessment, we found repeated indications that building administrators were being pressured not to report some types of criminal incidents.

School Security Assessment News – Safe Havens Selected to Perform School Security Assessments in Ketchikan, Alaska on 03/07/2014
Safe Havens International has been selected to perform school security assessments for the public school s in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Safe Havens was selected through a competitive bid process and our analysts are looking forward to returning to Alaska to work with area schools.  Because of highly competitive pricing, an unparalleled reputation for quality service, and a depth of K12 school security assessment experience unmatched in the field, Safe Havens International has won more than 90% of all competitive bid processes submitted for school security assessment processes during the past year.

School Security Assessment News – Safe Havens International Completes Site Visits for Capitol City Schools on 03/05/2014
Three Safe Havens analysts completed site visits for school security assessments for 19 schools in the Capitol City School District in North Carolina in late February. Safe Havens was recommended to the district by personnel from the Orange County, North Carolina Public Schools after a team of seven analysts completed a school security assessment for that district last year.

School Lockdowns – Using Research-based Approaches Instead of Focusing Intently on Active Shooter Incidents on 03/03/2014
Our analysts utilize a variety of research-based techniques to evaluate school crisis plans, staff development approaches, and drill processes. For example, while drills for school lockdowns are conducted in the traditional top-down manner and go off without a hitch, we have worked a number of school shootings where there were long delays between shots being fired and a school lockdown being announced. Even more commonly, school there have been lengthy delays between the time a potentially dangerous person is spotted on campus and when school lockdowns have been announced on the public address system.

Life and Death Decision Making in Mozambique on 02/27/2014
I will be returning to the Zambezi Delta Region this summer to conduct research for the Sequel to Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters.  The research for this book will require extensive travel to conduct interviews with people who face life and death encounters.  For Staying Alive, we interviewed survivors of mass casualty shootings, other weapons assaults and military combat.

Safe Havens Conducts School Security Assessments in Lagos and Ekiti, Nigeria on 02/26/2014
The recent horrific terrorist attack at a college in Damaturu, Nigeria shows how mass casualty acts of violence are not unique to the United States. One of our analysts recently returned from a trip where she assessed a number of schools in Nigeria. For 10 days in December, Dr.

School Lockdowns – Preventing Application Failure with Simple Practices on 02/25/2014
Properly implemented school lockdowns have been successfully used to protect students and staff for more than 100 years.  From a teacher preventing an armed aggressor from entering a Danbury, Connecticut in 1900 to more recent events, school lockdowns have successfully protected people from danger for many years.   Our clients often relate successful application of school lockdowns such as a case where an apparently dangerously mentally ill man opened fire in a high school parking lot in Henderson North Carolina in the mid-1970’s.

Safe Havens International Performs School Safety Assessment at Phoenix Country Day School on 02/23/2014
It was an absolute joy to work with the staff from the Phoenix Country Day School and the Phoenix Police Department last week. The school is a truly first-class independent school and the Phoenix Police Officers who work at the school each day were consummate and dedicated professionals. The school has been staffed by Phoenix Police Officers for more than two decades and has worked diligently to provide a warm, caring and safe environment over the years. While we were able to offer a number of suggestions to further enhance school safety, security and emergency preparedness, the current safety efforts of school staff and the Phoenix Police Department were already truly impressive.

School Lockdowns – The Submarine Door Analogy on 02/20/2014
A while back, I came up with an analogy that a number of folks have told me has been helpful to them. I thought it might be useful to share it here. It can be easy for people who have not had the experience of being threatened or attacked with a weapon to have unrealistic expectations. For example, for more than a decade, we have been posing scenarios for school employees and asking them to either verbally walk us through what they would do to address the scenarios or to physically demonstrate for us in real time what they would do. We have found that it is quite common for school staff to be unable to secure their work area rapidly when we do this with a scenario that would require a lockdown. For example, just in the past few months, I have encountered many school office staff and classroom teachers who were not able to properly implement a lockdown in less than 30 seconds when posed with scenario where it is clearly appropriate for them do implement a lockdown. In a number of instances, I have timed school staff who took more than 90 seconds to secure their work area.

This is a Lockdown Drill – Potentially Deadly Habits during School Drills on 02/18/2014
During our school security assessments, we often run a variety of school crisis simulations in a one-on-one fashion.  Over the past decade we have noticed a variety of patterns of concern.  Most consistently observed with administrators and front office staff who have made announcements in concert with drills in the past, this is a type of stress reaction that can easily occur under field conditions because of the manner in which drills are conducted.

School Safety Experts - Chief Alan Bragg - A Dedicated Public Servant on 02/13/2014
I had a "Thought Leader" session at the Texas School Administrators Winter Conference in Austin the week before last.  I was impressed however with the caliber of people who attended the session. I was particularly glad to see Chief Alan Bragg from the Cypress-Fairbanks Police Department in attendance.

Safe Havens International Selected to Perform School Security Assessments for Washington D.C. Public Schools on 02/12/2014
Safe Havens International has been selected to perform comprehensive school security assessments for the Washington D.C. Public School System after through a competitive bid process. Our diverse team of experienced school safety experts will conduct a comprehensive school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness for the District through the U.S. General Services Administration.

Attacking the Active Shooter - Vet New Techniques for Active Shooter Response Properly before Adopting them on 02/11/2014
Two highly trained FBI agents were killed and five more wounded by two bank robbery suspects in a shootout in Miami in 1986. During the post-mortem investigation, investigators learned that some agents lost their service pistols during a crash which resulted from a car chase.

School Security Expert Tip – Involve Law Enforcement, Fire Service and Emergency Management Personnel in Planning New School Designs on 02/10/2014
Working with architects, engineers, and school facilities personnel on hundreds of school construction projects, our school security experts have often find that local public safety officials are often not asked to assist with the design phase for new school construction and renovation projects.

Safe Havens International begins work on comprehensive school security assessments for 199 schools for Orange County Public Schools, Florida on 02/06/2014
Safe Havens International (SHI) recently began a comprehensive school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness assessment project for 199 schools in the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) in Florida.

School Lockdown – Application Failure in Contrast to Concept Failure on 02/05/2014
Claims have been made that school lockdown is a failed concept; but there is considerable evidence to the contrary. For an effective analysis of this discussion, it is critical to understand the difference between application failure and concept failure.

Is there really a “School shooting every other day in America”? on 02/03/2014
I finally had time to read a news article that Steve Satterly sent me a few days ago.  The headline asserted that there had been “A school shooting every other school day in America so far this school year.”  As I read the article I quickly discovered a common scare tactic, the article counted a shooting of an armed suspect by a police officer as a school shooting.

School Security Assessment Expert - School Security Assessment in Warren Township New Jersey on 01/25/2014
I had the distinct pleasure last week to conduct a school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness assessment for the Warren Township Board of Education in New Jersey. The district’s Facilities Manager, Tyler Tribelhorn worked long days with me to assess the district’s five schools. Mr. Triblehorn was a real joy to work with.

School Security Assessment in Kenya – A Unique and Rewarding Experience on 01/21/2014
I just returned from a weeklong trip to conduct a school security assessment at a Christian school in Kenya. Two parents who have children at the school were killed in the terrorist attack at Westgate Mall. One student was trapped in a car with his father’s body for an extended period of time before being rescued. Another student was badly burned in the explosion that claimed his mother’s life. A group of students and a teacher were trapped in the mall during the attack and were thankfully rescued through the efforts of the school and a courageous U.S. government official. Naturally, school leaders wanted to revisit school security in light of the increased risk of terrorism evidenced by the bold and deadly attack. It is important to understand that the mall was frequented by the ex-patriot community.

School Security Expert Tip – Build Better Support for School Security Bond Referendums through Open and Honest Communications on 01/13/2014
From time to time, we work with school districts and independent schools that must raise significant revenues for major capital projects with safety implications. Often, improvements in safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness are key issues and occasionally, primary issues for these projects. We recently worked with a school district that wanted us to review their plans to upgrade every school in their district from a school safety, security and emergency preparedness standpoint. They also wanted our assistance in communicating the rationale behind the proposed upgrades.

School Security Assessment Tip – Watch for Fatalistic Views When Conducting School Security Assessments on 01/03/2014
A dangerous message has been repeated numerous times since the Sandy Hook School shooting occurred last year. In story after story, it has been reported that the school did “everything right” but 26 people died at the school anyway. Our analysts have noticed a dangerous pattern with some school employees that likely derives from this narrative. While conducting controlled school crisis simulations with school employees in a one on one setting, we have had a number of test subject make comments along the lines of - "it is my job to die, the Sandy Hook shooting taught me that even if we do everything right, a lot of people will die if an attacker picks our school".

School Safety Authors Asked to Collaborate on Sequel to Staying Alive - How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters for Barron’s Publishing on 12/22/2013
Barron’s, one of the nation’s most respected book publishers, has requested that Safe Havens develop a concept for a sequel to Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters. Designated as a top four publisher's pick from the 160 titles to be published by Barron’s this year, Staying Alive is a heavily researched book. The seven subject matter expert reviews of Staying Alive have been positive and the editorial and project management teams at Barron’s have expressed that to us that they have been extremely impressed with the quality of our research, authoring, editing and project management. The five person team that has worked on Staying Alive has met every deadline during the project. Staying Alive will be released in bookstores this April.

School Access Control Tips - Ten Ways to Improve School Access Control on 12/19/2013
During a series of interviews with the producer for the Today Show, I was asked to provide a list of high end school access control practices. While truly effective school access control can be a bit more complicated than a bullet list of concepts, I thought the observations we have had from thousands of school security assessments we have assisted with might prove to be helpful to many readers.

School Bullying Expert Tip - Ninth Printing of Weakfish – Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child Ordered on 12/17/2013
Safe Havens is pleased to announce that we have just ordered the ninth printing of Weakfish – Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child.  This book has been helpful to many school safety practitioners over the years because it helps them see the connection between what research says and the story of an actual child.  We are excited that demand for the book is still strong after more than a decade.

School Safety Keynote Presentations - Wisconsin Educators Learn ways to Build Successful Schools on 12/11/2013
Wisconsin has been a very progressive state in terms of school safety and has licensed our school crisis planning templates for every K12 school in the state through the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council. I had a well-attended breakout session on Pattern Matching and Recognition followed by an energized and passionate group for the closing keynote session.

School Violence Expert Tip – Reduce the Chances of School Weapons Assaults by Reducing the Number of Fights on 12/09/2013
While the media may focus intently on mass casualty school shootings, the typical school weapons assault bears little resemblance to these catastrophic and tragic incidents. And while it is important for us to work diligently to try to prevent and prepare for mass casualty school shootings, we must also work to address the far more common forms of school violence.

School Safety Expert Tip – Focus on Improved Student Supervision for Improved School Safety on 12/05/2013
One of the most effective ways to improve school safety is to focus on effective student supervision...

School Security Consultant Expert Tip – Consider Free Resources before Retaining School Security Consultants on 12/04/2013
While qualified school security consultants will provide benefits far beyond the fees they charge, s...

Safe Havens Evaluation of the Preliminary Summary of the Sandy Hook Report on 12/03/2013
Campus Safety Magazine has posted a feature article prepared by five Safe Havens Analysts. The article outlines seven of what our analysts considered to be seven of the most important observations from the report for school officials. At the time of posting, most of these observations have not been addressed in the media coverage we have seen on the report.

School Safety Video from Safe Havens International wins Davey Award on 12/02/2013
I am proud to announce that our Safe Havens Video team was recently awarded a Davey Award for our video training series “Safe Topics”. The award is for our series as a whole and is a fitting reward for the hard work our team put into this video, which is already in use by school districts around the country. Most of our school security assessment clients are now using the Safe Topics school safety video series to enhance their school’s emergency preparedness and staff safety training.

A time for Thanks on 11/27/2013
Safe Havens is comprised of more than 30 unique individuals with a number of practicing Christians a...

Sandy Hook School Shooting Summary Report Released on 11/25/2013
The final summary report for the Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was released this afternoon. Several of our analysts are reviewing the report now. We thought that some of our readers might be interested in the report as well.

Connecticut State Police Scheduled to Release First Report of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Attack on 11/25/2013
The Connecticut State Police may be releasing the first in a series of reports from their investigation of the deadly attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December.  At this point, there are indications that a brief summary report will be released to the general public, but the full report may not be released at this time.  Hopefully, this report and future report information will be released by the Connecticut State Police when it is appropriate.

Safe Havens Selected to Assist the Maine Department of Education in School Security Assessment on 11/22/2013
The Maine Legislature has directed the Maine Department of Education to examine school security. Saf...

Mixed Messages – Many School Officials Overwhelmed by Conflicting School Security Recommendations on 11/21/2013
During a very large school security assessment project, we had a series of meetings with a number of...

Indiana School Safety Specialist’s Academy to Graduate more than 500 New School Safety Specialists on 11/20/2013
This week, the Indiana School Safety Specialist’s Academy is training more than 500 new School Safety Specialists.  Graduates of the two day live training will also have to complete two additional days of web-based training and a third day of live training this spring before they are certified.  Since its founding in 1999, the Academy has certified more than 2,000 School Safety Specialists and has hosted guest students from a dozen states.

Safe Havens Completes School Security Assessment for Flemington-Raritan, New Jersey Schools on 11/19/2013
School security assessments afford us an opportunity to learn from each client and this project was no exception. The district’s superintendent developed a superb rubric to allow his board to track the district’s progress in implementing the numerous opportunities for improvement identified in the report. He also assured the board that the district’s leadership team would work to maintain the numerous positive aspects identified in the school security assessment report.

School Security Assessment Tip – Require a Draft Report when Utilizing School Security Consultants for School Security Assessments on 11/18/2013
Any firm with a solid reputation for integrity can provide an accurate and honest outside evaluation. While school security experts who have questionable reputations may fear allegations of inappropriate influence by clients, reputable school security experts will not have any trouble handling these types of allegations.

School Security Assessment Expert Tip – Conduct Pre-mortem Exercises as part of the School Security Assessment Process on 11/13/2013
According to Klein, a pre-mortem activity involves an exercise which simulates that our prevention measures, crisis plans or other critical activities have failed in an incident. Participants who have a deep understanding of the approaches involved are tasked with clear instructions. They must accept the concept being tested has indeed failed no matter how confident we are in the approach. They must also determine what would most likely cause such a failure. Klein’s work has demonstrated that people who are closely attached to the concepts being tested often have an excellent ability to spot serious planning flaws even when they are emotionally attached to their plans. We have found this to be true when our analysts use pre-mortem exercises during school security assessments and staff development sessions.

Former Delta Force Special Operator Provides Compelling Interview for Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters on 11/12/2013
Tom Satterly is the epitome of the best America has to offer.  Tom recently retired from a distinguished career with the United States Army.  Having served his country as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and as a Green Beret, Tom was selected for training with the Army’s elite Delta Force.

School Safety Advocates in Tennessee on 11/09/2013
I had an absolute blast doing school safety presentations for four groups last week. I met nearly 1,000 school and law enforcement officials in Connecticut and Tennessee. I was so fired up when I finished presenting in Connecticut that I drove all the way to my next night’s hotel after forgetting something and had to drive through Hartford traffic two more times that afternoon. I was so inspired, this hardly seemed a bother.

Is sixteen hours enough time to learn to attack an active shooter? on 11/07/2013
While delivering a conference keynote at a state emergency management conference recently, I ran a simulation of a student holding a gun to his temple with his finger on the trigger and threatening to commit suicide.  The volunteer who had to verbalize what she would do as 400 people observed was a university administrator.  After she described for me and the audience what she would do to try to address the situation, we discussed her responses as a group.

What School Crisis Planners can learn from Navy SEALS on 11/06/2013
I recently read the book The Heart and the Fist – The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of A Navy Seal.  The book was written by Eric Greitens who was a Rhodes Scholar who earned his PhD at Oxford and did extensive humanitarian work around the globe before becoming a U.S.

Safe Havens Selected to Perform School Security Assessment at Independent School in Nairobi, Kenya on 11/05/2013
Safe Havens International has been selected to perform a school security assessment for an independe...

School Security in Connecticut on 11/04/2013
I am travelling to Wethersfield, Connecticut today for two training sessions for 700 school official...

School Security Expert Tip - Exterior Door Numbering Can Save Lives and Provide Daily Benefits on 11/01/2013
Many schools have placed large numbers on each exterior door to help emergency responders navigate their facilities in the event of a school security incident.  Our clients have reported numerous other day to day benefits from this practice.  For example, numerous clients have told our school security experts that this makes it easier to direct visitors for special events and helps maintenance personnel understand which door needs repair when work orders come in.

School Security Expert Tip – Is it Practical and Safer to Teach with the Door Locked? on 11/01/2013
The most common questions our school security experts get during school security expert assessments involve lockdowns.  When we keynote on school security, the majority of the questions we get also involve lockdown procedures.  This makes it clear that educators are deeply concerned about this issue.

School Safety Presentation in Indianapolis on 11/01/2013
I had a great time keynoting the Emergency Management Alliance of Indiana conference today. The emergency managers, law enforcement officers, fire service professionals and military personnel were an awesome and gracious group.

School Safety Presentations – 2013 Emergency Management Alliance Conference on 10/31/2013
Today, I will have the good pleasure to present three sessions at the 2013 Emergency Management Alliance Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I am presenting Weapons Concealment and Detection, Six Senses of School Safety and When Young Lives are at Stake Emergency Operations Planning for Schools.  I have been honored to keynote several dozen conferences in Indianapolis and always look forward to my next visit.

Manuscript for Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters completed. on 10/31/2013
Though much work remains to be done for the final edits and companion video, the heavy lifting of the last eleven months has been completed. Dr. Sonayia Shepherd, my son Chris, Steve Satterly and content developer Phuong Nguyen have all worked past midnight, on many occasions to research, write and rewrite version after version of each chapter in this incredible book. Feedback from a diverse team of seven experienced subject matter experts has been that it is hard to put the book down and that every reviewer learned important things even though they have more than an average of two decades of experience each.

School Security Assessment Team – a Group to be Proud of on 10/29/2013
When is the last time you took stock of the amazing people who help to make your schools safer? More importantly, when is the last time you took a moment to express your gratitude for the many things that they do exceptionally well every day? Meeting constant deadlines and “putting out fires” can make it easy to loose site of y practitioners are typically immensely busy people This thought has hit me from time to time throughout my school security career. It once again smacked be between the eyes unexpectedly during this past incredibly hectic week. I along with four of my colleagues had to deliver a short notice presentation last week. Safe Havens was one of four finalists for a school security assessment project for more than 200 schools and the client is on a tight deadline.

School Security Incident - Massachusetts high school teacher second teacher murdered in the U.S. this week on 10/23/2013
The body of teacher Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer was found in the woods near her school.  District Attorney Johathan Blodgett stated that a 14-year old student is being charged as an adult in the murder.  Danvers Massachusetts is described as having a low crime rate.

School Security Expert Breaking Event - School Shooting at Middle School in Sparks, Nevada on 10/21/2013
Few details are available at this time, but police in Sparks, Nevada are confirming that a school shooting occurred this morning in the suburb of Reno, Nevada.

School Security Expert Tip – School Safety Newsletters can Help Raise Awareness on 10/21/2013
A number of our clients have had success utilizing various forms of concise school security newslett...

School Safety Expert Tip – Holistic School Safety Approaches on 10/18/2013
Well-intentioned but emotional reactions that are driving large numbers of smart, well-educated and experienced people to overemphasize mass casualty school shootings.  This deadly overemphasis has been resulting in preventable deaths in our schools since the mid 1990’s.  The utterly shocking scale of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School has intensified this deadly phenomenon.

School Safety Expert Report – Requests for School Safety Consulting Assistance are Still Unusually High on 10/14/2013
I had the pleasure to keynote a school safety conference in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania today. More than 200 educators, public safety officials and other school safety advocates turned out for the event. I have been truly blessed to have found great weather and awesome people for my school safety presentations and projects in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Montana, Minnesota and New Jersey in recent weeks.

School Violence Expert Report – Teacher from Private School in Long Beach California Stabbed to Death in Front of Students During Field Trip on 10/14/2013
Long Beach, California Police have arrested 50-year-old Steven Brown for murdering 53-year-old Kelleye Taylor who was a teacher at Huntington Academy during a field trip to a park near the school. According to police reports, Brown stabbed the teacher in the neck during a field day activity at the park. Police said they were still investigating the reason for the attack but there may have been custody issues involving Taylor’s grandchildren. This type of incident highlights the need for proper security and emergency preparedness for field trips as mentioned previously in this blog. The tragedy also demonstrates the types of challenges schools face with domestic and child custody issues. Gerald Summers and Sue Ann Hartig from Evansville Indiana specialize in helping K12 schools address child custody issues. Summers is a veteran lawman and a retired school security director and Hartig is a retired attorney. We have heard superb feedback on their seminars for school officials on this critical specialty topic area. I have not met anyone who knows as much about these sometimes complex situations that have been a trigger for so many school-associated homicides.

School Security Conference Presentation – Montana Crime Prevention Conference on 10/10/2013
I was honored and truly blessed to be allowed to present a plenary session at the Seventh Annual Mon...

School Security Expert Tip – School Security Experts and Practitioners Can Learn From Experts in Other Disciplines on 10/10/2013
While there are a number of high caliber school security experts, there are also an astounding array of subject matter experts from other fields who can help make our schools safer, more effective, and more comfortable places of learning.  I have been blessed to have had the privilege to interact with a number of people that I can only describe as brilliant during my career.  LT.

School Security Expert Tip - Write it down! on 10/09/2013
Though I decline most of the requests I get to serve as an expert witness for school security cases, I do find the few cases I accept to be a great way to learn to serve our clients better.  As with my experiences as a law enforcement officer, my school security expert witness experiences and consulting sessions with clients for years have all shown me that thoughtful documentation can help to reduce exposure to civil liability while improving school security.  During site visits for school security assessments for both a public school system and an independent school last week, the same issue arose.

Safe Havens Selected for Statewide School Security Assessment Project on 10/07/2013
Safe Havens International analysts have assisted with five state-wide school security assessment projects over the years. Safe Havens was selected last week to assist with a sixth state-wide project in New England.

School Safety Center Approaches Enhance the Safety of Our Schools on 10/07/2013
Our non-profit school safety center has been fortunate enough to interact with a number of other school safety centers over time.  Though a number of state government school safety centers have been defunded and closed over the years, others are still providing an array of valuable services to schools and their community partners.  We recently learned that the State of Minnesota has decided to fund their state school safety center once again after funding had been cut for a lengthy period of time.

Panic Buttons in Schools – What School Security Assessments Show Us on 10/03/2013
Our analysts have been pleased to note that far more K12 schools are installing duress buttons than in the past.  Commonly called “panic” buttons, duress buttons allow school staff to communicate an emergency to a call monitoring center or in some cases directly to school security, school police or even 911 centers in rare cases.  During the more than forty school security assessment projects our analysts have conducted this year, we have found that the majority of our public and non-public school clients either have recently installed or were receptive to our recommendations that they should install panic buttons.

School Security Assessments in North Carolina on 10/01/2013
I just finished our last onsite meeting as part of a school security assessment for the Granville Public School System in North Carolina.  I am now in Charlotte to start a school security assessment for an independent school there.  Safe Havens has been honored to perform school security assessments for dozens of North Carolina school systems, parochial and independent schools.

School Security Assessments – About Kids or Profits? on 09/30/2013
I had a rather unpleasant phone call from a school security consultant last week.  As he has done o...

School Security Audits Should Examine the Big Picture of School Security and Safety on 09/27/2013
Our analysts have been working on school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness projects almost every week since the tragic school shooting at Newtown Elementary School.  As Safe Havens assists more schools with school security audits than any organization in the world we are aware of, our analysts have learned a great deal about what is and is not effective when conducting school security audits.  Since our analysts first began conducting school security audits many years ago, we have been increasingly impressed with the need to look beyond the basic school security approaches that are the focus of most school security audits.

Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook School Shooting Report Will Answer Many Important Questions on 09/26/2013
For many months now, there has been much speculation about what did and did not take place at during...

School Security Expert Tip – Full Interview with School Employee from Dekalb County Elementary School Hostage Situation Illustrates Potential Danger in Training School Staff to Attack Active Shooters. on 09/25/2013
I found this interview with the bookkeeper who did such a superb job in de-escalating the extremely ...

School Security Expert Experiences – School Security Concerns in Connecticut on 09/24/2013
School security has been a major topic in Connecticut.  Connecticut school officials have been bomb...

School Safety in Africa - Life and Death in Mozambique on 09/23/2013
I apologize for not blogging more often, but our summer schedule has been rather hectic. In August ...

School Security Expert Tip – Another U.S. Multiple Victim Knife Attack on 09/06/2013
Our school security experts have conducted extensive research on school violence and have found numerous instances of multiple victim and mass casualty attacks at schools involving knives, box cutters and other edged weapons. This demonstrates the need to consider all types of weapons for school security efforts.

School Security Expert Report - Active Shooter Incident Reported at McNair Discovery Learning Center in Dekalb County, Georgia on 08/20/2013
Dekalb County Police Officers are reporting that one man is in custody after brandishing a gun at McNair Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia.

School Security Experts from Safe Havens help Develop a new Free Resource on Active Shooter Situations from the United States Department of Homeland Security on 08/01/2013
The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently released a new free online training program titled...

School Safety Expert Resource – The Power of Intuition – How to Use Your Gut Feelings to Make Better Decisions at Work on 07/22/2013
Regular readers know that we routinely suggest books, articles, manuals, videos, and other learning ...

School Security Experts from Safe Havens International Selected to Write Major Book for Barron’s on 07/19/2013
Five members of the Safe Havens International team have been selected to write a groundbreaking book...

School Crisis Planning Experts at Safe Havens Selected to Help the South Dakota Department of Homeland Security Develop New School Crisis Planning Templates on 07/16/2013
Safe Havens analysts have assisted state and federal government agencies develop numerous school cri...

School Security Audits – The Problem with Summertime Audits of School Security on 07/15/2013
Many school districts and non-public schools are under pressure from parents to conduct school secur...

School Safety Advocates Gather for National Conference on School Safety Design on 06/26/2013
I had the pleasure of keynoting the Council for Educational Facilities Planners International (CEFPI) Safe Schools Symposium – Best Practices for Your School in Raleigh, North Carolina this week.  Architects, school planners, engineers and education leaders from as far away as Alaska attended the conference.  We had an excellent group of attendees and it was an absolute pleasure to get to interact with so many talented professionals from the various disciplines.

School Lockdown – Free Webinar on Potentially Dangerous Lockdown Concepts on 06/19/2013
In cooperation with the Illinois Principal’s Association and the Education Leaders Network, Safe Havens International has released another free webinar titled Potentially Dangerous Lockdown Concepts.  There has been a great deal of discussion about school lockdown procedures in recent years.  Safe Havens Video has produced a number of Ask Safe Havens video podcasts as free resources to help improve school lockdown procedures.

School Security and Architecture – Meeting Awesome People from Coast to Coast on 06/14/2013
Yesterday's school security and architecture conference at Texas Tech University was a great opportunity for architects, school planners, law enforcement officers and educators to learn research based, evidence based and assessment based practices for school design. The focus was on what we know works rather than what we think might work as well as addressing all risks rather than only those receiving extensive media attention.

School Security Assessment Projects – Safe Havens Selected for Farmington, New Mexico School Security Assessment project on 06/14/2013
Safe Havens International was selected this week to conduct school security assessments for schools in Farmington, New Mexico. Safe Havens analysts have helped assess more than 5,000 public and non-public schools. Safe Havens focuses on comprehensive approaches to school security which are designed to improve school climate and culture while improving school safety, security and emergency preparedness.

School Crisis Plan Expert Tip – Copying School Crisis Plans Can Create Major Legal Challenges on 06/06/2013
One thing we routinely see when we conduct school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness assessments is school crisis plan content that has been copied unlawfully.  Unfortunately, it is rather common for people to copy school crisis plan content without verifying that they can do so.  In a typical situation, a staff member from one school or district asks permission to copy part of the crisis plan from another school organization and is given permission.

School Tornado Expert Offers Logical and Carefully Researched Advice on School Tornado Preparedness on 05/29/2013
I know of no one in the field who knows as much about school tornado preparedness as Steve Satterly. With considerable inaccurate information and dangerous information in the media recently about school tornado preparedness, Steve has done some excellent work in the field and offers reliable advice based on careful research.

School Safety Expert Tip – Use Caution When Considering New School Safety Measures on 05/24/2013
School safety is naturally more on the minds of parents, students and school officials since the dea...

School Security Expert Tip - Attacking the Active Shooter – Has School Lockdown Really Failed? on 05/20/2013
There are people saying that the school lockdown is a failed concept that is outdated and in dire need of replacement.  This argument has not been established as a fact.  This assertion is hotly contested by most leading experts in the field of school safety.

School Security Expert Tip – Mass Casualty Attacks In Chinese Schools Leave Hundreds of Students and Staff Wounded and Dead on 05/20/2013
For nearly a decade, we have been tracking a series of horrible mass casualty shootings, stabbings, ...

School Safety Liability Expert Tip – School Safety Efforts Should be Comprehensive on 05/18/2013
I had the opportunity to present a session at a conference for attorneys at the Walter F. George Sch...

School Security Assessments - How to Get the Most out of Your Project on 05/16/2013
 I was asked by Utica National Insurance to present information on how schools can select qualified...

School Security Assessments – Why Evaluating Climate, Culture and Emergency Preparedness Can Also be a Life and Death Matter for Public, Private, Charter and Independent Schools on 05/14/2013
Our analysts are currently working on more than thirty school security assessment projects for public, parochial and independent schools.  When reviewing the requests for proposals (RFP’s) and requests for qualifications (RFQ’) for these and other projects, we have noted that school officials have often been emphasizing school security.  When describing the scope of work for their school security assessment, there has been a pronounced tendency to focus on school security protocols and technologies.

School Security Assessments – Try to Avoid Conducting School Security Assessments During the Summer Months on 05/14/2013
School security assessments are an invaluable tool to improve school security, school climate and school emergency preparedness.  While there are some instances where school officials have no choice to do otherwise, school security assessments conducted when schools are closed are less effective.   School security assessments are more effective when they are conducted when assessors can observe students and employees arriving in the morning, departing in the afternoon and moving about the school during the school day.

School Security Video – Why the Room Clear Protocol Can Enhance School Safety on 05/10/2013
Our award-winning school safety video crew has released another free school safety video podcast on the room clear protocol.

School Safety Expert Tip – Consider Whistles for Life for Life-Saving Low-Tech Emergency Communications on 05/07/2013
Rescue whistles can be an invaluable low-tech emergency communications tool for school crisis situations. School staff who detect danger can use a rescue whistle to rapidly gain the attention of 300 students in a noisy cafeteria, spread out in an outdoor area or facilitate response in many other situations.

School Security Assessments for Independent Schools – Unique Challenges for a Unique Environment on 05/03/2013
I just finished another independent school security assessment this afternoon and it dawned on me th...

School Security Video – Safe Havens Vide Releases New Free School Crisis Preparedness Video on 05/02/2013
Our video crew has just released a new free school security video podcast focused on how school offi...

School Security Expert Tip – Bid Your School Security Assessment Project to Cut Costs and Improve Quality on 05/01/2013
School officials sometimes pay $10,000 or more for school security assessments when the most experie...

School Security Expert Tip - Attacking the Active Shooter – Has School Lockdown Really Failed? on 04/29/2013
There are people who purport that the school lockdown is a failed concept that is outdated and in dire need of replacement.  This argument has not been established as a fact and is hotly contested by most leading experts in the field of school safety.  When pressed for examples of where lockdown has failed in schools, proponents of abandoning school lockdown usually cite four instances: The library at Columbine High School which was actually never locked during the attack.

School Safety Keynote Presentations - Connecticut School Safety Conference Extends the Deadline for Registration on 04/26/2013
The Hartford Regional Educational Council CREC has decided to accept out-of-state guests for its statewide school safety conference to be held on May 1 in Hartford Connecticut.  Due to the overwhelming response, CREC has decided to extend the April 25th registration deadline.  I feel truly honored to be allowed to keynote this very special school safety conference.

School Security Expert Tip – Thoughts on School Safety and Gun Control, Arming Teachers, Training People to Attack Gunmen in Schools and Other Hotly Debated Approaches To School Shootings on 04/08/2013
While it is important for us to debate new ways that we might be able to reduce school violence, many proven concepts are still not in use by most public and non-public schools in America. We should implement things that have proven to work while we discuss things concepts that are not yet proven to work.

School Security Expert Tip – Controlled Testing During School Security Assessments Demonstrates Deadly Disconnects on 03/18/2013
I apologize for my lack of blogs over the past few weeks, we are still working seven days a week trying to keep up with demand.  We have been working on more than two dozen school security assessment projects, keynoting conferences each week and working on many other short notice school security projects.  As mentioned in an earlier blog, our analysts having been noticing some disturbing trends during our school security assessments since the tragic school shooting in Newtown.

School Security Expert Tip – Assess, not Guess When it Comes to School Security Assessments on 02/11/2013
School security experts have found that school security assessments as well as a varety of simple and free approaches can help school officials spot and correct differences in what written school security policies and procedures say and what actual practices are in schools.

School Security Expert Tip – Disturbing New Trends in School Security Assessments on 02/06/2013
Safe Havens analysts are currently working on 20 school security assessment projects covering several hundred public school and non- public school facilities.  Our analysts are all reporting some very unique trends in contrast to the school security assessments we assisted our clients with prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December.  These trends should be of considerable concern to school and public safety officials.

School Security Expert Tip – Speed of Decision Making in Perspective on 02/04/2013
It can be difficult to unwind when working long days seven days a week as our analyst often have to do right now.  Our dedicated school security experts are working on more than 20 school security assessment projects covering hundreds of schools while also keynoting more than a dozen statewide school security conferences in the next 90 days.  One thing that helps me to relax after a long day of assessment work is to read.

School Security Expert Tip - Utilize Free School Safety Resources on 01/28/2013
A non-profit school security center, Safe Havens International offers hundreds of free school security and school security assessment resources.

School Security Expert Tip - Murder of Chinese Principal with Scissors Offers Life-Saving Lessons For U.S. Schools on 01/17/2013
In yet another edged weapons incident in the People’s Republic of China, 27-year-old Wang Zhichu has been accused of climbing over a security fence and attacking a 9-year-old third grader before stabbing the school’s principal to death when he attempted to stop the attack.  According to police, Zhichu, used a pair of scissors in the attack.  Police say the 9-year-old victim was stabbed deeply in the head and may not survive.

School Security Expert Chris Dorn Shares Tips on School Lockdowns in Campus Safety Magazine on 01/11/2013
Campus Safety Magazine has just published a feature article 9 Tips for More Effective Lockdowns written by son Chris Dorn.  A well known school security expert, Chris has published five books on school safety and has worked in Mexico, Bolivia, Canada, England, France, South Africa and Vietnam.  In his well-written article on school lockdowns - 9 Tips to Improve School Lockdowns, Chris outlines a variety of ways to improve lockdowns based on assessment, evaluation and research.

School Security Expert Tip – Using Red or Yellow Text in School Crisis Plans Can Cause Problems on 01/07/2013
School Security Experts conducting school security assessments have found many schools use red text. This text disappears for people who are color-blind.

School Security Expert Tip - Be Sure to Upgrade Skills of School Staff along with Security Technology on 01/04/2013
We have routinely been able to beat metal detector checkpoints, visitor management systems and some of the most sophisticated access control systems.

Respond to school shootings with proven research on 01/02/2013
While there are no solutions that offer 100% protection from school violence, the research and experience these authors bring to the table can help us more effectively note and react to the behaviors of people and the fast breaking situations that can be so critical in these types of incidents.

School Security Assessments: Carefully Consider Your Needs First on 12/28/2012
We have been inundated with requests to conduct school security assessments since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Many of the schools and school districts that have contacted us have never had a school safety assessment conducted before. We felt that it might be helpful to provide few thoughts on the pros and cons of different types of school safety assessments.

School Security Improvements: Focus on Quality Rather than Speed on 12/26/2012
Parents, students, school officials and community leaders across the country are reviewing security and emergency preparedness measures in the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week. School officials should move thoughtfully to address school shootings and improved school security and crisis preparedness using research-based approaches.

Slow Down - Thoughtful Approaches to Enhanced School Security Work Best on 12/23/2012
As with other tragic mass casualty shootings at schools, there has been an avalanche of media coverage in the wake of the deadly incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Our senior analysts have been fielding so many media requests that Dr. Shepherd strained her voice last week.

Safe Havens School Security Experts Offer Free Web seminar on Training and Empowering School Staff to Make Life-Saving Decisions on 12/16/2012
We have now posted a link to a free web seminar developed by Safe Havens in collaboration with the Illinois Principal’s Association directly in our resources section.  This 20 minute seminar on empowering and training school employees to make improved life-saving decisions discusses concepts grounded in research, evaluation and expert witness forensic evaluation of past school crisis events. As a non-profit school safety center, Safe Havens adds new free school safety resources for schools on a regular basis.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Newtown, CT - Initial Thoughts on 12/15/2012
This post was co-authored by Chris Dorn. Yesterday’s school shooting is a tragic reminder that while school is still a safe place to be, there is always risk in any community.  Before looking for lessons learned from this incident we need to wait for all of the facts to come in, but I’d like to review some of what we know about active shooter events and safe schools.

Safe Havens International and the Illinois Principal’s Association Collaborate to Offer Free Web Seminar on Life and Death Decision Making Skills for School Employees. on 12/15/2012
The school safety and security experts at Safe Havens International developed a free web seminar for the Illinois Principal’s Association as a pro bono effort.  The association has been kind enough to allow people to access this course at no cost even though they are not members of their Education Leaders Network. The course - Permission to Live – Effective School Emergency Preparedness through Empowerment, Planning and Practice covers research-based concepts to help prepare school employees to make more effective decisions when faced with life and death situations.

Allegations of Student Being Strip-Searched by Assistant Principal Demonstrate the Importance of Proper Communications of Student Search Guidelines for Student Searches on 12/13/2012
Parents of a 10-year-old boy who was allegedly strip-searched by a North Carolina elementary school assistant principal have filed a lawsuit against school officials. 

Free School Safety Videos – What are Functional Protocols? on 12/10/2012
Safe Havens International has been working hard this year to produce a number of new free school safety videos that can be used to help train school staff.

Texas Student Shoots Himself While Handcuffed and Being Transported from School in Police Car on 12/06/2012
A seventeen-year-old student shot himself yesterday while being transported from his school in a police car in Harris County, Texas.  A student reported that he received a text message from the student indicating that the student might harm himself and notified school officials who notified police that the student might be at risk of harming himself with a weapon.  The student was enrolled at the Galena Park Independent School District near Houston.

First Things First – Focus on the Most Important School Security Risks When Considering Terrorist Attacks on 12/04/2012
Predictions relating to terrorist attacks at school polling sites have not come to pass since they were first voiced with considerable alarm more than a decade ago. While a terrorist attack on a school polling site could occur, a reality is that children die every year in schools due to easily corrected gaps in student supervision.

Death of University of Virginia Student on Field Trip Demonstrates the Need for Field Trip and Study Abroad Preparedness on 12/03/2012
Death of student in Dominica shows the need for preparedness for school field trip and study abroad programs

Russian School Children Bring Lion Cub to School on 11/30/2012
Today’s blog is a bit different.  I ran across this article about a group of elementary school ch...

Florida Atlantic University offers accredited online course on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) on 11/29/2012
Dr. Randy Atlas will now be teaching an accredited 3 credit hour online course on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  Students who complete the course will be issued a Practitioner’s Certificate of Completion.

School Safety Expert Tip – Take Advantage of the Many Free School Safety Resources That are Available on 11/27/2012
One of the goals of our non-profit school safety center is to provide as many free resources to scho...

A Career Well-Lived - School Security Director Gerald Summers Retires on 11/26/2012
Gerald Summers Retires from his position as the Director of School Security in Evansville, Indiana and recieves hundreds of e-mails thanking him for his service.

Fatal Shooting of 13-Year-Old on School Bus in Miami Shocks Parents and Students on 11/21/2012
A male student from Palm Glades Preparatory Academy has been charged in the fatal shooting of 13-year-old female student witnessed by the victim’s seven-year-old sister and several other students yesterday.

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving on 11/21/2012
We at Safe Havens wish you a happy and meaningful Thanksgiving.  We hope that you have a wonderful ...

New Free School Safety Expert Video – Why is Terminology Important for School Crisis Planning? on 11/19/2012
New Free School Safety Video - The Importance of Common Terminology for School Crisis Plans. The Ask Safe Havens video series is designed as a staff development resource featuring a variety of school safety experts with national and international experience in the field.

"Fire on The Mountain - The True Story of the South Canyon Fire" an Instructive Read for School Crisis Preparedness on 11/17/2012
I just finished reading Fire on the Mountain - The True Story of the South Canyon Fire by John N. Maclean.  The book was mentioned by Dr.

Indiana School Safety Specialists Academy Sets New Attendance Record for Basic Academy on 11/15/2012
Indiana School Safety Specialists Academy sets new attendance record

Free School Safety Web Seminar - Permission to Live – Effective School Emergency Preparedness through Empowerment, Planning and Practice on 11/14/2012
I feel very fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated school safety experts as both paid staf...

School Security Expert Tip - Plain View Vehicle Checks Can Help Prevent School Weapons Attacks on 11/13/2012
A simple strategy to help reduce the number of weapons on school property was developed in the Bibb County Public School System Police Department more than twenty years ago. The concept is now in wide usage due to a school safety training video funded by the Garrett Metal Detector Company in the late 1990s.

Free Web Presentation on Improving school safety and climate by School Safety Expert Michael Dorn on 11/12/2012
The school safety expert team at Safe Havens works hard to offer many high quality free resources for schools. We are pleased to announce yet another free school safety resource.  Safe Havens has released dozens of new free school safety training video podcasts and two free research papers in recent months.

Training at the Speed of Life by Kenneth R. Murray - an Excellent Book for those who are Interested in Understanding how to Train People for Life and Death Decision-Making on 11/10/2012
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman was kind enough to send me a copy of Kenneth R.

Free School Safety Video – Bullying of Special Needs Students on 11/08/2012
Safe Havens Releases free school safety training video on bullying of special needs students. This compelling staff development tool is designed as yet another free school safety resource for schools.

New Free School Crisis Planning Video Podcast on 11/07/2012
Safe Havens International Video has just released another Ask Safe Havens free school safety trainin...

School Bus Security Experts - The Power of a School Bus Driver’s Brain on 11/06/2012
Viewing the school bus security camera and listening to the audio one can only be deeply impressed by the performance of Angel Perry. A school bus driver in Henryville, Indiana, Angel Perry is a true American hero.

Please Stop Laughing at Me – One Woman’s Inspirational Story by Jodee Blanco is a Powerful Book about School Bullying by Girls on 11/03/2012
After several of my clients recommended the book I read Jodee Blanco’s Please Stop Laughing at Me ...

School Security Expert Tips – Target Identifiers on 11/02/2012
I was honored to have the opportunity to keynote an annual state conference for early childcare faci...

Safe Havens International Releases new School Bus Security and Emergency Preparedness Video on 11/01/2012
Safe Havens International releases new staff development video Safe Topics: Safe Passages – School Bus Security and Emergency Preparedness. The latest release in the engaging Safe Topics school safety video series, this video provides information on school bus security and emergency preparedness developed by Michael and Chris Dorn.

School Safety Experts at Safe Havens Release New School Safety Training Video on Mental Health Recovery Planning for Schools on 10/31/2012
Safe Havens is pleased to announce the next video in the Safe Topics Series of school safety videos. Crisis Recovery - Mental Health Recovery features Dr. Sonayia Shepherd and addresses different aspects of mental health recovery planning.

New York City Bullying Victim Jumps in Front of Train on 10/29/2012
In a tragic and graphic public act of suicide, 15-year-old Felicia Garcia jumped in front of a train while fellow students watched.  The freshman from Tottenville High School in Staten Island, New York was humiliated when she learned that a group of football players had filmed her having sex with them.  Other students had reportedly bullied Ms.

Bullying Prevention Presentation in South Dakota on 10/29/2012
I had a great experience keynoting the Fifth Annual South Dakota Parent Engagement Conference in Rapid City, South Dakota the past Saturday. I felt honored to be asked to be the keynote speaker for this awesome conference. The keynote was focused on bullying prevention and related topics such as ways to improve school climate, techniques to enhance student supervision and cyber-bullying were covered. The session also included information on evaluation of school security.

Safe Havens International Releases new School Safety Training Video - Safe Topics – Planning for Disabilities and Other Special Needs During an Emergency on 10/29/2012
Safe Havens Video is proud to announce the release of a new learning resource.  The video – Safe Topics – Planning for Disabilities and Other Special Needs during an Emergency provides detailed and timely information to help schools more effectively plan to evacuate, shelter and otherwise protect students, staff and visitors with special needs during crisis situations.  The video also comes with an individual standardized preparedness plan which can be used to develop a comprehensive personal plan for each student and staff member requiring special assistance during emergency situations.

Jane’s Chemical-Biological Defense Guidebook is still a Frightening but Informative Read on 10/27/2012
I first read the Jane’s Chemical-Biological Defense Guidebook in more than ten years ago while working on a book series for the renowned security, defense and intelligence publisher.  They gave copies of the then $2,000 book to each of us on the co-authoring team to give us a better idea of what they needed us to write in the Jane’s Safe School Planning Guide for All Hazards.  The book details how a wide array of chemical and biological attacks have and can be carried out and the sometimes highly developed preparedness capabilities are needed to respond to such attacks properly.

School Security is a Part of Excellence in Education on 10/25/2012
I went to pick my son up from his elementary school yesterday afternoon to take him to a medical appointment.  I was pleased to see that the staff member who is responsible for signing out students required me to hand her my driver's license and checked my son's name against his contact information and ran my information through a database of known sexual predators before having him brought to the office.  These simple steps take only seconds but dramatically increase the level of safety at the school.

Leading School Safety Experts Provide Free School Security Assessment Checklist on 10/24/2012
The diverse team of school safety experts at Safe Havens International have assisted our clients in ...

Free school safety video podcast – Benefits of Security Cameras for Schools on 10/22/2012
New release - free Ask Safe Havens school safety video podcast

Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard – Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying Tackles a Hot and Difficult Topic on 10/20/2012
The rapid and continual changes in how we use technology to communicate with others have created some amazing benefits.  Unfortunately, as with the Thompson Submachine Gun, the ATM and  credit cards, there are always people who will use technology for illicit purposes rather than for good.  Cyberbullying is just one more example of how some students will use the amazing technology we have to harm other students.

School Security in Israel – Fact Versus Fiction on 10/19/2012
I read several posts on a homeland security group on LinkedIn relating to soldiers with automatic weapons being assigned to schools in Israel to protect staff and students from terrorists. This is a very pervasive myth probably stems from conference presenters who have heard and repeated this inaccurate description from others.  I have no idea who started this myth, but it is still alive and well.

School Safety Expert Advice on Simple Techniques to Improve Supervision of Children - Positioning on 10/18/2012
As we often emphasize in our books, training videos, presentations, articles and web courses, improv...

Free School Safety Expert Resource – Presentation on Disguised Weapons on 10/17/2012
Free presentation on disguised weapons available from Safe Havens International

School Safety Terms – What do they mean? on 10/16/2012
Guest blog by Dr. Sonayia Shepherd You have probably heard the term “school safety” numerous times. Educators, practitioners, parents, and media use the term often, but what does it really mean?

When School Metal Detection Makes Sense on 10/15/2012
metal detectors can be effective for schools when properly utilized

School Security Technologies Sometimes Change the Field of School Safety on 10/15/2012
School safety technology helps raise test scores while making students and teachers safer

A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Dr. Ruby Payne is an Important Read for School Safety Practitioners on 10/13/2012
Over the years, a number of my clients have spoken highly of the work of Dr. Ruby Payne who is a lea...

Tips for Selecting a School Safety Expert Witness on 10/12/2012
With the assistance of Attorney Sue Ann Hartig, we have just released a new topical paper that provides advice on screening and selecting school safety expert witnesses. This free paper is designed to help school officials, risk managers, insurance professionals, judges and attorneys tasked with evaluating the qualifications and credibility of expert witnesses for school safety cases.

Free List of School Safety Grant Sources on 10/12/2012
Dr. Sonayia Shepherd developed a fourteen page list of potential school safety grant sources a few ...

Free School Safety Video - Lightning Meters for School Athletic Events on 10/10/2012
In this free school safety video podcast, Russell Bentley describes how lightning meters can save lives at school athletic events and other outdoor activities.  This recent release from the Ask Safe Havens series, covers key points in about one minute.

Free School Safety E-Book on 10/10/2012
Safe Havens makes the school safety e-book Let None Learn in Fear available at no cost via our webs...

Abductions of Students from Schools are a Rare but Very Real School Safety Risk on 10/08/2012
Twenty-five-year-old Bradley Mrazek was arrested after he abducted a nine-year-old student from Park...

New Draft Definition for Cyberbullying on 10/08/2012
We are working on a new free school safety resource and we have developed a first draft definition...

Amish Grace - How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy is a Powerful Read on the Deadly Nichol Mines School Shooting on 10/06/2012
While presenting for a college in Pennsylvania a couple of years back, I was given a copy of the book Amish Grace - How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy by Donald, b. Kraybill, Steven M.  Nolt and David L.

Frederick Flowers, 66-year-old School bus Driver Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated after Crashing Bus into Residence in Long Island on 10/04/2012
School bus driver in Long Island arrested for driving while intoxicated after crashing his bus into a house during route

Free School Safety Video Podcast - Why is it Important to Plan for Crisis Events During School Athletic Events? on 10/04/2012
In this latest video in the Ask Safe Havens series, Russell Bentley explores key reasons for taking ...

New Bullying Definition on 10/03/2012
We are working on a new free resource for school safety practitioners. One task we have is to develop new definitions for school safety terms. I would welcome any feedback on this rough draft definition for bullying.

Free School Safety Video Podcast Featuring Dr. Sonayia Shepherd- How Can School Staff Improve their Ability to Respond During a Crisis? on 10/02/2012
This one minute video podcast features Dr. Sonayia Shepherd.  Dr.

The secondary or “Fall” Severe Weather Season - Guest blog by Jacob Terrell on 10/01/2012
Normally during the latter part of autumn people spend their time thinking about the holidays and Christmas shopping. For schools it means final exams, Thanksgiving/Christmas vacation, elementary school holiday parties, and Christmas play’s from the drama department; but what about severe weather? Many people might answer that question with a response such as “Severe weather, this time of year?

China Inc. by Ted Fishman Helps us Understand Many of the Dramatic Changes in Society on 09/29/2012
I read China Inc. How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World while flying ...

Improving Student Supervision - A Key to Safer Schools on 09/27/2012
Whether we are evaluating school safety, climate and culture for client school districts and non-public schools or serving as a school safety expert witness, one of the most common and critical issues in school safety today is student supervision.  Improving student supervision is usually very inexpensive, easy to accomplish and can significantly improve student safety.  The specific techniques for improving student supervision are often simple and can be easily adapted to fit the unique environment of a school without much difficulty.

New Free School Safety Video Podcast - What are some of the Most Important Considerations for Athletic Event Emergency Preparedness? on 09/27/2012
Safe Havens has released a new free school safety video podcast on key issues for school athletic event emergency preparedness.

Student Dies from Apparent Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound at Stillwater, Oklahoma Middle School on 09/26/2012
Student dies from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in Stillwater, Oklahoma junior high school

Connecting Staff, Students, Parents and the Place of School on 09/25/2012
Creating a positive school climate can be challenging but is possible and worthwhile

Ron Clark’s Book The Essential 55 is an Awesome Book for Educators on 09/22/2012
Though I am not an educator by profession, I do try to learn what I can about the teachers we are tr...

School and Public Safety Officials Encounter Increased Numbers of Cyber Threats Relating to School Violence on 09/21/2012
School and Law Enforcement Officials Dealing With Cyber Threats Relating to School Violence

Tennessee School Bus Crash Demonstrates the Need for Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plans and training in the National Incident Management Syste on 09/21/2012
School Bus Crash in Washington County, Tennessee Resulting in 26 Transports to Hospitals Demonstrates the Importance of Comprehensive Planning and Training in the National Incident Management System

Free Video Podcast on Targeted Acts of Violence in Schools Clarifies “Active Shooter” Incidents on 09/21/2012
Free School Safety Video Podcast Explores Targeted Acts of School Violence

Unreliable Data can Produce Poor Decisions on 09/20/2012
Military History book has direct implications for important points about barriers to reporting of school crime and disciplinary incidents.

Bomb Threat Protocols for Schools Should Provide a Range of Options to Reduce Disruption as well as the Risk of Mass Casualty Loss of Life on 09/19/2012
Free Topical Paper on School Bomb Threat Management can help school and public safety officials more effectively and safely address school bomb threats

Big Walnut Schools in Ohio Work to Prevent Bullying on 09/19/2012
It was truly and honor and a priviledge to be able to present on bullying prevention at Big Walnut Schools in Sunbury, Ohio this week.

A Helpful Book for School Crisis Planning – Sharpening the Warrior’s Edge – The Psychology and Science of Training on 09/15/2012
Bruce Siddle has performed considerable research in the field of human factors and is an expert on h...

Texas Schools Move Forward to Improve student Safety with Student Identification Tracking Devices in Spite of Protests of a Few on 09/13/2012
Two Texas School Districts Have Implemented Student Tracking Systems to Reduce Truancy, Improve Safety and Increase Funding in Spite of Protests of a Few People

Free School Safety Video Podcast - Lockdown Options on 09/13/2012
Safe Havens Video has posted another free school safety video podcast focused on school lockdowns. ...

Free Fact Sheet on Bullying From the Centers for Disease Control on 09/12/2012
The CDC has a free fact sheet that provides information on bullying.  This free resource may be hel...

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to those who lost Loved Ones on September 11, 2001 on 09/11/2012
Our thoughts and our prayers go out to those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.

Free Ask Safe Havens Video Podcast – What is a Targeted Act of Violence? on 09/10/2012
This free school safety training video podcast helps the viewer to understand what a targeted act of violence is in comparison to much more common types of school shootings and weapons assaults

The Gift of Fear by Gavin Debecker Contains Concepts that can Help us Better Train School Employees to Spot Dangerous People on 09/08/2012
The classic bestseller by Gavin DeBecker The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals That Protect us...

Another Free Resource on School Safety Design from the American Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities on 09/08/2012
The American Clearinghouse on Educational Facilities is funded by the United States Department of Education to provide resources for K12 and higher education facilities design.  Last year, I recorded some audio and video podcasts for the clearinghouse.  The podcast Designing Safer and More Effective Schools incorporates concepts that I use when presenting on safe school design for architects, schools, and public safety officials.

This Free Ask Safe Havens Video Podcast Focuses on Ways Schools can Utilize Social Media on 09/07/2012
This free one minute video poddcast featuring Chris Dorn explores positive ways schools can harness the power of social media

New Jersey Educator With Impressive Reputation Accused of Molesting Student on 09/05/2012
New Jersey Teacher Erica DePalo Accused of Molesting 15-Year-Old Student After Being Recognized as One of the Best Teachers in the State

Students and Staff in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Taught to Attack an Active Shooter as a Last Resort on 09/04/2012
According to a report by the Tuscaloosa News, school officials and students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama ...

Ask Safe Havens Are There Ways to Prevent School Shootings? on 09/03/2012
We have posted a short video podcast in the Ask Safe Havens series.  The topic for this podcast is ...

Jane’s Crisis Communications Handbook is a Helpful Reference for School Safety Personnel who Interact with the Media After Emergency Situations on 09/01/2012
Jane’s is without question the most detail oriented publisher I have ever worked with.  When they selected me to head up their school safety consulting projects, my manager told me bluntly that if I was ever publically wrong – once - I would be fired.  He explained that the company aggressively protects its stellar reputation for absolute accuracy.

100-Year-Old Man Hits 11 with car at Los Angeles Elementary School on 08/31/2012
100-Year-Old Driver hits 11 students with car at Los Angeles Elementary Schools.

Waukegan Illinois Public Schools Make Great use of their REMS Project Grant on 08/28/2012
We were pleased to be selected to work on the Readiness and Emergency Schools grant for Waukegan Public Schools in Illinois.  The district accomplished a great deal for the size of their grant including: -Training for several thousand staff members -Schools safety, security and emergency preparedness assessments for all schools -Developing an internal team that was trained to conduct annual school safety, security and emergency preparedness assessments -Completing a number of custom school safety training videos and web courses -Completely new emergency plan components for building administrators, teachers, custodians, school bus drivers, front office staff and a new after-hours emergency chart -A series of tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises This district accomplished a great deal with its REMS grant and we were proud to be able to work with their dedicated planning team.

Free Video Podcast on the Importance of School Safety Assessments on 08/27/2012
In this edition of Ask Safe Havens, we outline some of the benefits of conducting school safety, sec...

Normal Accidents – Living with High-Risk Technologies Provides Some Interesting Insights about Preventing Disasters in Complex Organizations on 08/25/2012
Normal Accidents – Living with High-Risk Technologies by Charles Perrow provides some helpful insi...

Free School Safety Video Podcast Focuses on the Importance of Student Supervision on 08/22/2012
Safe Havens has done considerable work in the area of helping school officials evaluate and improve ...

Chris Dorn Presents to School Transportation Personnel in California on 08/21/2012
Chris Dorn presented on school bus security and emergency preparedness today at the CASTO Region 18 workshop in Eureka, California.

Student Supervision is Often a Key Issue in School Safety Litigation on 08/21/2012
$8 million dollar settlement involves suit allegding inadequate student supervision

Free School Safety Video Podcast on the Importance of Mental Simulation in Effective School Crisis Planning on 08/20/2012
The Safe Havens International Video crew has produced a free concise video podcast on the proven concept of mental simulation to help school employees practice and prepare for a wide range of school crisis situations.  Mental simulation has been utilized by law enforcement, military, emergency medical personnel as well as in the commercial aviation industry as a tool to improve human performance under life and death conditions for decades.  Safe Havens began offering training in mental simulation techniques to school personnel 8-10 years ago and released a training and evaluation toolkit – The First 30 Seconds for school based personnel earlier this year.

School Violence Threat Management by Dr. Kris Mohandie is a Valuable Resource for Those who are Interested in Student Threat Assessment on 08/18/2012
The Indiana School Safety Specialists Academy issues School Violence Threat Management a Practical Guide for Educators, Law Enforcement, and Mental Health Professionals in the academies’ courses.  I found this book to be very helpful even though I have been teaching student threat assessment since the mid 1990s.  Dr.

Free School Safety Video Podcast - Ask Safe Havens – Why are School Safety Assessments so Important? on 08/17/2012
This segment of the Ask Safe Havens series addresses the value of regular school safety, security, c...

Free Video Podcast – How School Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Affect School Climate, Culture and Academic Achievement on 08/16/2012
Free School Safety Video podcast discusses how school safety, security and emergency preparedness affects school climate, culture and academic achievement.

Lawsuit against New Jersey School System for “Bizarre” Behavior of School Administrator Suggests that Attempts to cover-up school incidents can be Very Problematic on 08/15/2012
Fox News is reporting that a New Jersey school district settled a civil suit relating to alleged “...

Free Cyber Bullying Resources for Schools, Parents and Students on 08/14/2012
Stop Bullying Now is a free resource to help school officials, parents and students understand and address bullying issues including cyberbullying

A Good Read for Those Interested in Cultural Diversity and Societal Bullying - The Unwanted – A Memoir of Childhood by Kien Nguyen on 08/11/2012
I found The Unwanted - A memoir of Childhood to be an excellent book.  I ran across the book by accident while at a bookstore looking for another title.  Author Kien Nguyen chronicles his experiences growing up in Vietnam prior to, during and after the fall of the government of South Vietnam to the communists.

New Topical Paper – Fight, Flight or Lockdown - Teaching Students and Staff to Attack Active Shooters could Result in Decreased Casualties or Needless Deaths on 08/08/2012
Certified School Safety Specialist Steve Satterly and I began research on a paper designed to explore that benefits and the potential dangers of training school employees and students to attack an active shooter as a last resort option. The paper Fight, Flight or Lockdown - Teaching Students and Staff to Attack Active Shooters could Result in Decreased Casualties or Needless Deaths is now available at no cost on our website

Video on Designing Schools for Improved Emergency Preparedness for Special Needs Populations is Available at no cost Through the Federal Government on 08/08/2012
Free School Safety Video from the Federal Government Addresses Emergency Preparedness for Students, Staff and Visitors with Special Needs

Start of the New School Year a Good Opportunity to Revisit How Drills are Conducted on 08/08/2012
The start of a new school year is an excellent time to revisit which types of drills are conducted and how they are run

Son of slain Sikh Temple president says his father was killed while trying to stop gunman with a butter knife on 08/07/2012
The son of Satwant Singh Kaleka who was killed during Sunday’s deadly shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin told reporters that FBI agents have advised him that his father was a hero who was shot and killed while attempting to stop Wade Michael Page with a butter knife. Kaleka told reporters that his father’s actions may have created a distraction which allowed several people to escape the area unharmed.

Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin Shows How Changes in the Training and Equipment of American Police Officers Can Make a Difference in Multiple Victim Shooting Incidents on 08/06/2012
At a press conference today, Oak Creek, Wisconsin Police Chief John Edwards stated that officers who were equipped with patrol rifles ended the deadly shooting spree at a Sikh temple. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that one victim may have been killed when he attempted to stop the killer by attacking him.

Columbine by Dave Cullen is the Definitive Work on the Columbine High School Attack on 08/04/2012
Dave Cullen has done a superb job in researching and writing what is currently the definitive work o...

Deadly Colorado Movie Theater Shooting Shows How Quickly Campus Organizations can Become Involved in Community Incidents on 08/03/2012
In mass casualty incidents such as major act of violence, it is not unusual for civil actions to filed against a wide array of entities who appear to have some connection to the incident. It would not be unusual for the University of Colorado to be named in litigation along with other entities such as the theater where the shooting took place.

Signs of a Global Phenomenon - Chinese Teen’s Deadly Rampage Leaves Eight Dead and Five More Wounded on 08/02/2012
In spite of the death penalty for possession of firearms and ammunition and massive efforts by gover...

Severe Weather Spotter Training - A Free and Simple Way to Save Lives on 08/02/2012
Guest Blog by Jacob Terrell, Safe Havens International Intern So many times these days, school safety measures and equipment can be a financial burden on schools and school districts.  There are however, a number of FREE resources available to help make our schools safer.  One such opportunity available to school personal is called “Skywarn Storm Spotter Training.

Thankfully, Stupidity is not a Defense in Court – Former Teacher is Shocked after Being Arrested when he Notified Police that he Raped Two Girls Decades ago on 08/01/2012
Former school teacher is shocked to learn that the statute of limitations will not protect him when he is arrested after confessing to raping two girls decades ago

School Officials, Law Enforcement Officers and Mental Health Professionals have Averted Many Planned Acts of Aggression at our Nation’s Schools on 08/01/2012
Arrest of California college proffessor plotting attack at high school in Irvine shows how many planned school attacks have been averted through proactive measures

SHARK! – Do our School Safety Efforts match our Real Risks? on 07/31/2012
This blog explores whether Americans tend to become overly focused on rare but compelling school safety incidents in an out of balance fashion when compared to more common and deadly school safety incidents like fatal allergic reactions to food.

Liability Language - Campus Officials Should Choose thier Words with Care on 07/30/2012
Liability language - campus officials should try to stick to provable language when making public statements abour school safety incidents

Bullying at School by Dan Olweus is still a Helpful Book on Bullying Prevention on 07/28/2012
First published back in 1993, Bullying at School by Dan Olweus though somewhat dated, is still an informative read for anyone who wants to better understand bullying and how it can be prevented.  While a few school officials and at least one school safety consultant claim that bullying is not really a significant problem, researchers like Olweus have provided us with numerous peer review studies that document the problem and the need for evidence-based approaches to reduce its impact. After many years in the field, I still recommend this classic and ground-breaking book.

Compare but Contrast Safety Between Different Countries on 07/27/2012
It can be very helpful to contrast school safety measures in different countries as long as we take into account the often significant differences in life-safety codes, criminal justice systems and other significant differences.

What Messages are we Sending - Trash on the Floor on 07/25/2012
Trash on the floor and school safety, security, discipline, climate and culture

Keep School Safety Risks in Perspective on 07/24/2012
School security measures should fit the unique environments of schools

Keeping Mass Casualty Attacks in Perspective - The Tragedy in Aurora Colorado in Relation to Other Mass Casualty Schootings Around the World on 07/23/2012
There are many lessons to be learned from the deadly shooting at the movie theater in Aurora Colorado

Terrible Shooting at Century 16 Movie Theater in Aurora Colorado Will Offer Valuable Lessons for Increasing Survivability in Catastrophic Campus Crisis Situations Such as Active Shooter incidents, Terrorist Attacks, Tornadoes and Fires on 07/21/2012
As victims and families of the deadly movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado try to cope with the immense pain, experts accross the nation are reviewing the incident to see what lessons can be learned to help increase survivability in future crisis situations.

Superb Book on Emergency Preparedness - The Unthinkable – Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why on 07/21/2012
I had two different clients in the same week recommend this book to me.  As both clients are really top-notch school safety practitioners, I ordered the book right away and devoured it as soon as I got it.  Though the author is not an emergency manager by trade, she is an excellent researcher and writer and did a most admirable job.

Effective Metal Detection to Prevent Shootings in Movie Theaters Could Prove to be Challenging on 07/20/2012
There have been a number of mentions in the media about the use of metal detectors at movie theaters in the wake of the deadly shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a screening for the new “Batman” movie.  The question being asked often relates to whether or not metal detectors would have prevented alledged aggressor Jame Holmes from carry out the attack.  The facts of the case are still based on media accounts and are thus may not prove to be accurate once the investigation is completed.

Shooting incident at Colorado “Batman” Movie Screening Highlights the Importance of Training in Visual Weapons Screening and Pattern Matching and Recognition for Schools on 07/20/2012
The deadly shooting at a screening for the movie “Batman” at the Century 16 movie theater in Aur...

Schools Should Set and Enforce Clear Expectations on School Crime and Discipline Reporting on 07/19/2012
Though it is often not easy, school officials should develop and enforce reporting procedures for criminal and disciplianary incidents

Never Say “I’m just a custodian” on 07/18/2012
School custodians can play a critical role in improving school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness

Useful FEMA Report Concerning School Safety on 07/16/2012
FEMA document School Fires - Topical Fire Research Series is still a very helpful document for school safety practitioners

Grisly Murder of Three Children in Wisconsin Should be a Stark Reminder that Acts of Violence in Society Have Implications for School Access Control, Visitor Management and Student Sign-out Protocols on 07/16/2012
We have ample evidence that students and staff in schools with poor access control, visitor sign in procedures and student sign out protocols are at increased risk.  Here are just a few examples of the types of cases we see relating to these areas: A daughter of the owner of a prominent pasta maker was abducted from a Florida independent school by a man posing as his bodyguard who signed the student out for a dental appointment.  He and an accomplice were arrested by FBI agents after they demanded a one million dollar ransom.

The World is Flat Provides a Valuable Perspective about the Rapid Changes in the World Around us on 07/14/2012
A few years ago, I was asked to speak at a school district convocation in Avon, Massachusetts.  The...

Another Great Read – On Combat – The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace on 07/14/2012
This excellent book is a must read for public safety, military and other personnel who want to bette...

Why Blocked Access Fire Drills are so Helpful in Improving School Emergency Preparedness on 07/13/2012
I will never forget the first time I observed a blocked access drill.  We were working with a schoo...

Documenting Student Supervision Measures on 07/12/2012
One issue that arises in many school safety incidents is student supervision.  Whether or not schoo...

School Safety Incidents can Have a Dramatic Impact on School System Budgets on 07/11/2012
While we often think of the fiscal cost of school safety incidents in terms of workers compensation ...

Additional Lawsuits Related to Sexual Molestation Filed Against Los Angeles Unified School Teacher and Administrator on 07/10/2012
Additional lawsuits relating to sexual molestations by a former teacher were file against the L.A. Unified School System

Save Money and Save Lives by Properly Documenting Your School Safety Training Efforts on 07/10/2012
Properly documenting school safety training can reduce exposure to civil liability and more importantly can reduce the chances of injury or death on campus

ACLU often Targets Schools When they Try Innovative Approaches to Safety, Security, Discipline, Climate and Culture on 07/09/2012
ACLU Often Pressures School Officials for thier Efforts to Improve Safety, Security, Climate and Culture.

Careful With The Cameras! Texas Principal Indicted by a Grand Jury in Relation to Hidden Camera Video in School Locker Room on 07/06/2012
Texas School Superintendent Indicted by Grand Jury for School Locker Video Taping Incident

Pennsylvania Troopers Search for Body of seven-year-old Girl from Florida who Disappeared while Walking to School Nearly Three Decades ago on 07/06/2012
Pennsylvania State police are conducting a search to try to recover the remains of a girl that was l...

Campus Safety Magazine Publishes an Article titled Hiring an Expert Witness – 10 Questions You Should Ask on 07/05/2012
I submitted an article last week to Campus Safety that was published on the topic of campus safety forensic expert selection.  The article, Hiring an Expert Witness – 10 Questions You Should ask is designed to be helpful to readers whose organizations are being litigated for school safety issues.  I have been working with an attorney on a much more detailed white paper on this same topic as expert witness selection can be critical to how effectively a case is resolved.

We Should not take Freedom for Granted in our Schools on 07/04/2012
Today is an excellent time to reflect on the amazing and truly unprecedented level of freedom that our citizens enjoy.  In his excellent course A History of Freedom published by the Teaching Company, Dr. Rufus Fears makes a strong case that at no point in world history has any society offered the level of personal freedom of that in the United States.

School Crisis Plans Should Address Utility Failure on 07/03/2012
Recent power outages have left more than 1.8 million still without power. This has implications for school crisis planning.

Gun and Bomb Detection Dogs can Help Make Schools Safer on 07/02/2012
Gun and bomb detection dogs can help make schools safer.

Brutal Church Attack in Kenya Leaves 15 Dead and another 40 Wounded on 07/01/2012
15 people killed and 40 wounded in deadly attack on a church in Nairobi, Kenya

Life and Death Matters - Why it is Important to Properly Maintain School Fire Alarm Systems on 07/01/2012
The proper maintenance and testing of school fire detection and warning systems is a life and death matter

Another Great Read Relating to School Violence - On Killing – The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society on 06/30/2012
Another book that I recommend to those who wish to better understand school violence and violence in...

Quantifying School Safety on 06/29/2012
School officials should collect, track and analyze data to more effectively address school safety and security risks

No Room for “Yes Men” in Critical Decision Making on 06/28/2012
While reading Masters and Commanders – How Four Titans Won the War in the West, 1941-1945 by Andre...

Study by the Commonwealth Foundation finds that Students at Low Performing Schools are more Likely to be Victims of Violent Crime at School on 06/27/2012
According to CBS in Philadelphia, a recent study by the Commonwealth Foundation asserts that students who attend low performing schools in Pennsylvania are five times more likely to be a victim of violent crime while at school.  This finding should not be a surprise to us as lower performing schools are also often schools that have serious problems with student discipline, bullying and criminal acts committed by students against students.

Sources of Power – An Excellent Book to Help us Understand How the Human Mind Works Under Life and Death Stress on 06/23/2012
Dr. Gary Klein is a highly regarded researcher who has performed ground-breaking work that helps us ...

Concerned People Donate Half a Million to Show Support for School Bus Monitor Karen Klein After she was Brutally Bullied by New York Middle School Students on 06/22/2012
Strangers provide overwhelming support for bullied school bus monitor in New York

Blocked Emergency Exit? on 06/22/2012
[caption id="attachment_3379" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I took this photo at an outdo...

Treatment of School Bus Monitor by Middle School Students is a Disturbing Example of What Happens When School Discipline Breaks Down on 06/21/2012
Conduct of Athena Middle School Students in New York Towards School Bus Monitor is Truly a Tragedy

Documenting School Safety Efforts can be Critical on 06/20/2012
Good School Safety Documentation can be Critical for School Safety Related Court Proceedings

North Carolina “Strip Search” Case Demonstrates the Need to Train School Officials on Search and Seizure on 06/19/2012
North Carolina School Administrator Alledgedly Strip Searches a Ten-Year-Old Student Looking for Missing $20 Bill

Media Coverage Relating to Allegations of Serious School Employee Conduct are Sometimes Incomplete Due to Limitations on how School Officials can Respond on 06/18/2012
Allegations that School Employees made a Student Strip Naked and Take a Shower May or May not Have Merit.

Schools Lose Increasing Number of African-American Students to Home-schooling, Safety and School Discipline Often Cited as Reasons for Parental Choice on 06/17/2012
African-American students now comprise the fastest-growing segment of home-school attendees.  There...

Is this really ADA Accessible? on 06/16/2012
[caption id="attachment_3374" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="How easily could a person in ...

British School Criticized for Alleged Under-reaction to Stabbing of 26 Students with a Needle on 06/15/2012
Some parents and students from the Toots School in Bingham, Notts are upset that a student who alleg...

Do Your Practices Match Your School Safety Plans? on 06/15/2012
One important aspect of school safety is how closely the written policies, procedures and plans reflect what is actually taking place in schools.  For example, a school safety incident is more likely to occur if good procedures are not followed.  This means that students, staff or visitors are more likely to be hurt.

Wearing Staff Identification Cards Taken to a New Level on 06/14/2012
[caption id="attachment_3363" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I found this to be a rather h...

Providing School Safety and Security Notifications in Multiple Languages on 06/13/2012
[caption id="attachment_3298" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="School safety and security ca...

Heroes Among us - Dr. Tina Brookes on 06/12/2012
She doesn’t have the cleanest car in town.  Her unrelenting schedule doesn’t really afford her the time to tidy it up like she should and probably desires.  Though she is not poor, she also doesn’t own the fanciest home in town.

Schools Should Have Crisis Plans in Place for Field Trips and Study Abroad Programs on 06/11/2012
School Crisis plans should help address crisis situations on field trips

Know What You Don't Know - An Excellent Book for People Who Want to Learn More About Crisis Prevention on 06/11/2012
I found Know What You Don't Know - How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen to be an excellent book.  Written by Dr. Michael A.

The Teaching Company Offers Great Courses – A Great Way to Learn if You are Too Busy for College on 06/10/2012
I would love to work on a Ph.D.  Some truly outstanding teachers and college professors have succeeded in shaping me into what they referred to as a lifetime learner.

Take Time out to Enjoy the Wonders of Nature that Surround us on 06/09/2012
[caption id="attachment_3067" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Glacier Bay in Alaska is one ...

Video Podcasts Can Boost Attendance at School Safety and Other Professional Conferences on 06/08/2012
For about five years now, Safe Havens Video has been producing 2-5 minute video podcasts to help boo...

Minnesota School Officials Criticized for Banning Students from Wearing Rosary Beads on 06/07/2012
School officials often criticized for their efforts to prevent gang violence by banning student jewelry

Disruptive Behavior at Graduation Ceremonies has Been a Significant Problem for Schools and Universities for Many Years on 06/07/2012
School officials struggle to find viable solutions to disruptive and unruly people at graduation ceremonies

Basing Lockdown Protocols on Inside Versus Outside Threats Could be Dangerous on 06/06/2012
Assessments have shown that the inside/outside approach to school lockdowns can be very dangerous and unreliable

False Promises of School Security Can Result in Liability Exposure on 06/05/2012
The used of fake secuirty cameras can create a false sense of security and can create increased exposure to civil liablity for school officials.

Quality Over Speed When Developing or Revising School Crisis Plans on 06/04/2012
Quality over speed is important when developing school crisis plans

Reports of Student Suicides Related to Bullying Should Make us Consider How we Address Bullying and the Threat of Suicide on 06/01/2012
The relationship between student suicide and school bullying is sometimes not accurately portrayed in the media

Parent Pleads Guilty After Arrest for Abandoning Daughter at a Mall Because of Bad Grades on 06/01/2012
This photograph taken by the author in Quinhon, Vietnam depicts several thousand Vietnamese parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other family members waiting in the heat for most of a day while their students sit for college entrance exams.  As the test results will not be available for about two weeks, their presence is to demonstrate to the students that education is important and that their family supports their efforts. 47-year-old Tuan Huynh plead guilty to a charge of child endangerment yesterday.

Will Unintended Consequences Follow now that the Judge has Dropped the Charges and Offered to Clear Record in Diane Tran Case on 05/31/2012
Under intense public pressure,

Terrorists Targeting School Children are Ruthless on 05/31/2012
Since one of the first attacks by Terrorists when Yassar Arafat orchestrated an attack on an Israeli school bus using a land mine in 1948, terrorists groups have periodically specifically targeted innocent school children around the world for their attacks. In a recent series of attacks, terrorists in Afghanistan have injured nearly 300 girls and their teachers by contaminating school facilities with poisons.  These vicious and tragic attacks appear to be designed to interrupt the process of educating girls which has been a goal of many terrorists in the region.

Girl Graduates Early From High School and is Shot and Killed Near Her Home on 05/31/2012
Tragic Shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma leaves girl dead one day after she graduated from high school one year early

Crash Leaving Nine Injured Near California High School Shows Just how fast a Multi-Casualty Event Can Occur on 05/30/2012
Crash with nine injured near California High School Shows Need for School Mass Casualty Incident Planning

Thousands of Dollars Donated for Texas Student Arrested for Truancy on 05/30/2012
More than $70,000 has been donated from accross the United States and 13 countries to assist Diane Tran who was jailed after she failed to comply with a court order issued by a probate court judge in Texas

Arrest of Texas Honor Student Diane Tran for Disobeying Judge’s Orders Raises Questions on 05/30/2012
Judge's decision to incarcerate truant honors student draws much controversy

Recent Missing Student Case Illustrates the Problem with Student Walk Offs from Schools on 05/29/2012
Student walk off from schools more common than many people think

God Bless our Fallen Military Personnel on 05/28/2012
God bless our fallen military personnel

We Owe our Fallen Troops a Great Deal on 05/27/2012
All Americans should be deeply grateful for the sacrifices of our military personnel

Violence involving Firearms not Unique to American Schools and Communities on 05/26/2012
Weapons violence has been a problem at schools in Canada, England, Japan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Mexico and many other countries

Bullying Prevention as Part of the Big Picture of School Safety on 05/26/2012
Many schools still lack appropriate approaches to bullying prevention

Shooting Outside of Chapel Hill North Carolina Elementary School Demonstrates how Violent Crime can Impact Elementary Schools on 05/25/2012
Shooting outside of Mary Scroggins Elementary School in North Carolina

Excellent Article by Steve Satterly on School Disaster Recovery Planning on 05/25/2012
Article on School Disaster Recovery by Steve Satterly makes the cover of School Planning and Management Magazine.

Avoid Needless School Safety Liability – Properly Follow Through on School Safety Assessment and Plan Development Projects on 05/24/2012
The exposure to school safety litigation can be increased when school officials do not properly follow through on school safety assessment and school crisis planning projects

Media Driven School Safety Culture on 05/23/2012
School safety efforts in the United States are often heavily driven by media accounts of school safety incidents

Keeping Perspective in School Safety Planning on 05/22/2012
Campus employees should be ready to think and act quickly to respond to a wide array of crisis situations.

Don’t Fight the way the human brain works on 05/18/2012
One of the problems we see a lot with school safety planning is the use of crisis planning concepts that are designed in a manner that is in opposition to how the human brain functions under life and death stress.

Words and Tone Speak Volumes on 05/17/2012
Showing respect to others by our words and our tone of voice is a powerful way to show people that we want them to succeed because we care.

Stop Bullying Now is an Excellent Free School Safety Resource from the U.S. Government on 05/16/2012
Stop Bullying Now is a great free resource from the federal government as one part of a strategy to address the problem of bullying in our schools.

A Valuable Tool – Creating A Culture of School Safety on 05/15/2012
There are so many ways to make schools safer that are no-cost and low-cost approaches.

Codes Can Kill – Update on Why the Use of Codes in School Crisis Plans Can Cause Death and Serious Injury on 05/14/2012
This approach has failed in numerous actual crisis events at schools and fails badly when we conduct crisis simulations in one-on-one settings to test how well staff can react to high stress situations.

Student Bullying Presentations are a Blast on 05/13/2012
Student bullying presentations a blast and an inspiration.

Are the Right Employees Getting the Word on Life-Saving Action Steps for School Crisis Situations? on 05/10/2012
Taking the time to verify that employees are provided the information they need to enable them to perform the action steps they are expected to perform is a wise investment of time and could easily save a life one day.

Use Caution When Performing School Security Assessments and Other Types of Work After Hours on 05/09/2012
Use Caution when performing safety assessments and other types of work after hours at schools

Arrests for Theft of PTA and School Funds an Unpleasant Reality on 05/08/2012
Police investigage missing PTA funds in Indiana

Many Good People Out There Trying to Help Students Succeed. on 05/07/2012
There are many good people out there working hard to educate students

FEMA Offers Live and Web-Based School Emergency Preparedness Training for Free on 05/04/2012
While many people in the field of education are aware, we regularly run into school and public safety officials who do not realize that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers many excellent training opportunities relating to school safety at no cost.

Great New Book on School Crisis Recovery - Reclaiming School in the Aftermath of Trauma – Advice Based on Experience on 05/03/2012
Great new book on school mental health recovery adds Insight into school safety issues.

Students Trying to Deal with Grief Relating to Teacher’s Murder in the Community Illustrates Situations School Officials Must Address on 05/02/2012
School mental health professionals help students recover from teacher's murder at her home in Connersville, Indiana

Codes can Kill on 05/02/2012
The use of codes for school emergency preparedness can prove to be a dangerous and unreliable approach to school safety.

Missing Massachusetts Toddler Found in Dark Classroom on 05/02/2012
A missing three year old was found in her classroom after a search in Westport Massachussetts. Police are investigation to see how the child was left in the room at the end of the day

Gun found in Toronto school on 05/01/2012
There is no research to show a correlation between security cameras and reductions in school weapons violence.

Michigan State Police Work to Enhance School Emergency Preparedness on 04/30/2012
I was privileged to have the opportunity to keynote the Michigan State Police for a series of three one-day conferences across the state last week.

Stakeholders for School Safety – Presenting for the Michigan State Police on 04/30/2012
The Michigan State Police work diligently to provide emergency management training and support to Michigan schools and is currently using a FEMA grant to provide STEP training at no cost to Michigan students

New edition of our newsletter available now on 04/27/2012
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How to select a School Safety Consultant or Expert Witness on 04/26/2012
Taking the time to conduct due diligence when evaluating school safety experts can save a money, time and perhaps even lives.

Student supervision during field trips is important on 04/25/2012
Student supervision is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of school safety for K12 schools.

School Safety is a Global Issue on 04/24/2012
Though we often focus on school safety issues in our own country and our primary issues are sometimes different from those in other regions, there are sometimes more similarities than differences when it comes to the need for school safety strategies and effective emergency preparedness measures in schools anywhere in the world.

Instances of Students Being Handcuffed and Arrested for Incidents at School Often Presented Out of Context on 04/23/2012
The current dialogue relating to the use of arrest and restraint by police in schools is a valid discussion and there is room for improvements in the field - but taking the time to look beyond the headlines with an understanding that this is a complex as well as troubling societal problem can go a long way towards successfully working towards improved approaches.

Avoiding a Damaging Loss of Trust in the School Safety Arena on 04/21/2012
Taking the time and expending the sometimes-significant effort to build bridges instead of fences between people, departments and organizations can prevent not only a good tar and feathering, but can avert considerable pain and suffering as well.

Columbine 13 Years Later on 04/20/2012
On the 13th anniversary of the Columbine school tragedy, the events of that day remain as present as they did back in 1999. A new documentary by a student who was at Columbine High School on the day of the shooting reminds us that basic preparedness and crisis stress management are critical if we want to be ready for any level of crisis.

Do your practices match your procedures? on 04/18/2012
Avoiding Tragedy and Litigation - Do your practices match your procedures? Failing to follow logic...

Who Should Make The 911 call? on 04/18/2012
Who Should Make The 911 call?

CHICOPEE – A hero who calmed a dangerous situation and protected young children on 04/14/2012
School Crossing Gaurd Hailed as Hero by Police and School Officials in Chicopee, MA

Fayette County Kentucky Student Disciplined for Accessing Information on School Violence on Web Site on 04/13/2012
School officials in Fayetteville Kentucky Notify Parents that a Student has been Disciplined for Accessing Information on School Violence on the web

School Bus Driver Refuses to Return School Bus After He Was Terminated on 04/12/2012
School bus driver arrested after refusing to turn over school bus when he was terminated

Former Private School Teacher Takes Bin Laden’s Place on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List - This Case Has Serious Implications for School Safety and School Security on 04/10/2012
Former Private School Teacher Added to FBI Most Wanted List

Teacher Arrested for Using Students to Sell Drugs on 04/10/2012
Teacher arrested for using students to sell drugs

Three Adults Killed in Shooting at in - home Day Care Center on 04/09/2012
Three Adults were killed in a shooting at an in - home day care center

Is your School Staff Trained to Spot Tornadoes? on 04/09/2012
Are School Officials Trained to Spot Tornadoes?

Teacher Slightly Injured in Shooting near Crawford Elementary School in Russellville, Arkansas on 04/09/2012
Teacher Injured in Shooting near School

Man Shot and Killed on Elementary School Playground in Canada on 04/09/2012
Man Shot and Killed on Playground at Elementary School in Canada

Six Gang Members Charged with Fatal Shooting of A 14-Year-Old Boy in Front of Middle School in Union City, California in 2007 on 04/08/2012
Violence in School Safety Zones is a Significant Issue for Many Schools

Guns in Schools Pose Challenges to Educators, Students and Parents on 04/07/2012
Common myths about school safety, school shootings, bullying, schools and terrorism and other school violence topics

Loaded Gun Found in Student Locker Causes Concern and Raises Questions About Metal Detectors in Schools on 04/07/2012
Gun in school raises questions about metal detectors in schools

Easter Egg Hunt Safety Concerns Have Significant Implications for School Safety on 04/07/2012
Easter Egg Hunt Safety Concerns Have Significant Implications for School Safety

Alert bystander interrupts attempted kidnapping and rape of student on – Suspect Convicted of Assaults on Five School Aged Girls on 04/07/2012
Man Interrupt in Attempt to Abduct a Fifteen Year - Old - Girl at School

Congressman Bruce Braley Proposes National School Bus Ticketing Legislation on 04/04/2012
Kadyn's Act Proposed to Reduce Student Deaths

Gun Control not a Core Issue for School Shootings on 04/03/2012
At the same time, I am not convinced that students carrying concealed firearms to class will have a statistical impact on the homicide rate in our colleges and universities either.

Police Say Gunman at Oakland, California School Opened Fire when Students Failed to Comply With His Instructions on 04/03/2012
Police sauy former student opened fire when classroom occupants fail to comply with his demands

Details Sketchy Regarding Shooting at Oikos University in Oakland, California on 04/02/2012
Six confirmed dead in Shooting at Oikos University in Oakland California

California School Bus Drivers, Supervisors and Directors Very Focused on School Bus Safety on 03/31/2012
I had a wonderful time doing a keynote and two breakout sessions for the California Association of School Transportation Officials today in Sacramento.

School Officials Criticized for Decision not to Evacuate School After Bomb Threat in Killeen, Texas – Shows Lack of Understanding of Bomb Threat Procedures by the General Public on 03/30/2012
Parents in Killeen Texas upset to learn that a school was not evacuated for a bomb threat

Two Glynn County, Georgia School District Police Officers Recognized for Acts of Valor on 03/30/2012
Glynn County Georgia School District Police Officers Recognized for Acts of Valor

Suspect Arrested After School Shooting in Finland on 03/30/2012
A man who shot another person in the hand apparently entered a local school in Tempere, Finland and ...

Video with Audio from School bus Security Camera Depicts Henryville, Indiana School Bus Driver as Calm and Collected Under Life and Death Stress on 03/30/2012
School Transportation Director Steve Satterly from Indiana sent me a link to a video clip depicting school buses being devastated by tornadoes on Henryville, Indiana.  Steve is becoming quite an authority on school and school bus tornado preparedness as mentioned in previous blogs.  He toured the damaged schools in Henryville shortly after the storm hit and took photographs of the schools and damaged buses.

Indiana School District Provides Enhanced Emergency Training for School Bus Drivers on 03/29/2012
School Bus Fleet Magazine ran a feature article in the last issue about Indiana School Safety Specia...

Attempted Abduction of 10-Year-Old Boy in New Zealand School a Close Call on 03/29/2012
A ten year old boy in New Zealand had a close call during an attempted abduction

School Bus Shot by BBs in Burlington Kentucky During Route on 03/29/2012
A student was arrested for shooting out a school bus window with BB's in Boone County Kentucky

Man Takes 19 Students and School Bus Driver Hostage and is Captured by Police on 03/29/2012
A man was arrested after he took a Henry County School bus Driver and 19 Students Hostage

Student Disappearance Raises questions about how schools should notify parents that students are absent from school on 03/29/2012
Abduction of student raises questions about how schools notify parents when students are absent

16-Year-Old Student hit by Van While Crossing Street to get to School in Brockton, Massachusetts on 03/29/2012
16 Year old Student Hit by van on the way to School in Brockton, MA

School Buses Damaged by Tornado in Henryville, IN may not be Fully Covered by Insurance on 03/25/2012
The owner of two school buses utilized to transport students to school in Henryville, IN stated that her insurance carrier had offered far less than the buses were worth

Student Shot and Killed at Mississippi State University on 03/25/2012
A 21 year old student was shot and killed at Mississippi State University

Indiana School Safety Specialist Steve Satterly Exhaustively Researches School Tornado Preparedness on 03/23/2012
I finally had time to read an article about a tornado that was photographed on Mars. I normally don...

Concerns for Possible School Violence in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Show how Community Gang Issues Frequently Impact School Safety on 03/23/2012
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police gang unit officers and area school officials are working to address concerns relating to a fatal shooting of 17-year-old John Derrell Kempson Jr. who was shot and killed on Saturday night. The victim was a student at Vance High School and police are concerned about the level of social media chatter regarding possible gang violence in wake of the murder.

Police Investigation in Nobleville, Indiana Confirms that Students had Sexual Intercourse on School Bus on 03/22/2012
Noblesville, Indiana Police have concluded an investigation into a February incident where an 8-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy had sexual intercourse on a school bus. Police stated that the incident was captured on a security camera but not detected by the school bus driver and a driver’s aid because they could not see the incident due to the height of the school bus seats. The children, who both attended the Indiana School for the Deaf were transported to and from school by a school bus operated by Noblesville Schools.

Suspect in Terrorist Attack on Jewish School in France Killed in Shootout with Police on 03/22/2012
Mohamed Merah was shot as he jumped out of a window during a gun battle with police after a 32 - hou...

Spring Rise in School Bomb Threats a Good Reason to Review Bomb Threat Protocols on 03/22/2012
Many schools receive bomb threats each Spring making it a good time to re visit bomb threat protocols

Fifteen Year old Girl Arrested for Shooting at School Bus in Athens, Georgia on 03/21/2012
15 Year old girl arrested for shooting at a school bus in Athens GA

What Does “Best Possible Shelter” Mean for School Tornado Sheltering? on 03/21/2012
What does "best possible shelter mean for school tornado sheltering?

Clark County, Nevada School District Has a World Class School Crisis Recovery Team on 03/21/2012
Clark County Nevada School District Has a World Class School Crisis Mental Health Recovery Team

Many School Officials Re-evaluating Tornado Procedures and Sheltering Locations on 03/21/2012
Tornado strikes on schools and communities have many school and public safety officials re-evaluatin...

Sex Abuse Investigation in Bend, Oregon Charter School Demonstrates Problems with Student/Staff Texting on 03/21/2012
Sex abuse case at Redmond Proficiency Academy in Bend Oregon involved texting between a student and an educator

North Carolina High School Student Has Throat Slashed with Scalpel in Attack on 03/20/2012
Student has Throat Slashed During an Attack at Southern Nash High School in North Carolina

School Bus Crash in India Kills 16 school Children on 03/20/2012
School bus crash in Andhra Pradesh, India kills 16 school children

Stop Bullying Now is a Great Free Resource for Schools on 03/20/2012
Stop Bullying Now is an excellent free bullying prevention tool for schools

Update on Toulouse School Attack - Guest blog by Chris Dorn on 03/19/2012
I'd like to provide a bit of context for the school attack that happened in Toulouse, France this mo...

Gunman on Motorcycle Kills four in Shooting at a Jewish School in Toulouse, France on 03/19/2012
Gunman on moped opens fire killing three students and one teacher at French school

28 killed and 28 injured in school bus field trip in Switzerland on 03/15/2012
28 students and adults were killed and another 28 injured in a field trip bus crash in Switzerland

Multiple Victim Stabbing at Miami-Jacobs Career College Demonstrates the need for Schools to Take Edged Weapons Assaults Seriously on 03/15/2012
A man armed with multiple knifes walked into the admissions office of the Miami – Jacobs Career College in Columbus, Ohio and stabbed a person. At that point, bystanders attempted to subdue and disarm the man who then responded by producing an additional edged weapon. By the time responding police shot the man, four people had been injured, three of them critically.

Can a Hacker Gain Access to Security Camera Feed, Alarm System Controls or Student Information through your Smart Phones? on 03/15/2012
hackers and cyber criminials can sometimes access sensitive information by hacking smart phones used by school officials

on 03/14/2012
Safe Havens International releases new training and evaluation videos

15 Reported Injuries in Pennsylvania School Bus Crash on 03/14/2012
15 reported injured in PA school bus crash

Gunmen Attack School Bus in Ethiopia Killing 17 on 03/14/2012
School bus attack in Ethiopia leaves 17 students dead

Student Abducted from School in the United Kingdom on 03/14/2012
A student was forcibly abducted from her school in England by her ex-boyfriend

Disturbance in New York City High School Shows How Serious Student Disruptions can be on 03/14/2012
Out of control students at Murry Bergrtram High School in New York City demonstrate how distruptive student disturbances can be.

Fatalities from School Shootings Down, Lower Level Aggression Appears to be Increasing on 03/13/2012
Schools should address lower level aggression to improve school safety, climate and culture

Are Your School Employees Properly Empowered to Improve School Safety? on 03/12/2012
Empowering school employees to improve school safety, security and emergency preparedness

Easy, Inexpensive and Effective – Improve Student Supervision to Enhance School Safety on 03/12/2012
Improving student supervision is one of the most effective ways to improve school safety

Protect Yourself so You can Protect Others – A Critical School Safety Concept on 03/12/2012
School employees should be trained to take action to protect themselves first in school crisis situations so they can better protect others

Carefully Define your Scope of Work for School Safety Assessment Projects on 03/10/2012
School officials should properly defined the scope of work when bidding out projects for school safety projects to prevent problems later

Use Caution When Making Public Statements after a Safety Incident Occurs on 03/09/2012
Use caution when making public statements relating to school safety incients

Tribute to a Life Well Lived and Well Taught on 03/09/2012
I attended a memorial service yesterday for a relative who died after a long and hard fought battle ...

School Shooting at Episcopal High School in Jacksonville Reminds us that Violence can happen at Public, Private, Parochial, Charter and Independent Schools on 03/07/2012
Non-public schools are also sometimes the scene of school violence, school shootings and other school crisis situations

Recent Tornado Strikes Provide Clear Evidence that Schools Should Focus Appropriately on Tornado Preparedness on 03/04/2012
Schools should conduct tornado sheltering drills and many schools still do not conduct them regularly

Good School Safety, Security and Crisis Planning Ideas Abound on 03/02/2012
This blog discusses how school officials can learn from one another to spread practical school safety, security and emergency preparedness concepts

Do we have good “people detectors” in our schools? on 02/29/2012
Close connections between staff and students can help to prevent school shootings

Role Specific School Crisis Planning can be a Life Saver on 02/29/2012
Role specific school crisis planning can be a valuable tool to help school employees utilize the powerful concept of mental simulation to better prepare them to safe human life

New School Safety Training and Evaluation System Makes Every Second Count on 02/28/2012
New school crisis planning evaluation and staff development school safety training videos

School Shooting in Chardon, Ohio Reminds us of Critical Aspects of School Shooting Incidents on 02/27/2012
Shooting at high school in Chardon, Ohio demonstrates importance of drills and preventive measures for schools

Building Experience to Improve<br>Crisis Decision Making on 01/20/2012
How campus employees will perform under extreme stress and time pressure in various physical settings and situations will depend on a variety of factors, including the depth and breadth of simulations requiring them to make decisions on an individual basis.

Reverse Evacuation – A Life or Death Protocol on 01/20/2012
Reverse evacuation protocols for schools can be a life saving school crisis plan concept

Our goal for this blog on 01/19/2012
As a global non – profit pre-K – 20 school safety center, our objective is to help to make stu...