Safe Havens Blog: Index

Maine Department of Education Releases Two Security Reports
Edged Weapon Rampage near Pittsburgh
Student raped at school, suspect charged as an adult
Teachers balk at being 'shot' during Active Shooter exercises
Terrorist use knives to attack Chinese train station
Indiana teacher arrested for child seduction
Boko Haram killing school children
School administrator attacked by three students
Mother reports 6-year old boy missing, he is found asleep on a school bus
Women abducted from school rescued in Nigeria
Sexual assault charges filed against school nurse
School cook finds burned cookies, threatens to shoot up school
Knife attack at school
School safety is not just our problem
A scam alert for schools
Student expelled for making violent threats
Police shoot teen after attack
Sandy Hook Report Summary Coming Nov. 25th
Future Storm Chasers?
Boy threatened with expulsion for violent drawings
School bus ends up in a creek
Collge staffer inadvertantly sends students sexual content
School bus driver charged with neglect after a child is choked on her bus
Middle school student arrested at school for attempted murder
Shooting at Sparks Middle School leaves 2 dead, 2 critically wounded
Unconfirmed details on Sandy Hook released
Teacher stabbed in front of her students
Student arrested in North Carolina after school shooting
US District Court upholds 2008 expulsion
Cyber-attack directed against the Kentucky Department of Education
Allegations of bullying surround a student suicide
Wild animal at bus stop causes problems
Terror in an elementary school
Teacher sexually assaults a student
Questions raised by Active Shooter training for school bus drivers
School bus assault
Guns in schools, how will this work?
Teen's suicide: Who's responsible?
Court Date for Teen Who Plotted School Attack
1 student dead, 1 missing in field trip accident
Middle School student intervenes in bullying incident, gets assaulted
Student punches police officer
Mom confronts bully at school
Tornado Preparedness
Moore, Oklahoma
Woman assaults, threatens school employees
Substitute teacher assaults student
Phoned in threat prompts widespread lockdowns
Indiana ISTEP+ testing faces cyber attack
Assault in the school media center
Middle school student assaults another with a kitchen knife
School shooting threat revealed
Drunken man assaults elementary school principal
Father goes to school playground to punish daughter's bully
Student arrested for "massive" school shooting plot pleads not guilty
Teacher of the Year resigns amidst molestation investigation
School attack thwarted
Student shoots himself in classroom
Rampage at an elementary school
School bus assault recorded by students
5-year old killed by school bus
Expelled student arrested after making threats against a Dutch school
Cinnamon Challenge is not a game
Man admits placing a fake bomb at a middle school
Student planned to commemorate Columbine by shooting up his school
Student urinates into staffroom coffeepot
Student attacks teacher, says he was the "closest he could find"
Root the Box claims responsibility for hacking the Univ. of VA.'s website
A hammer attack, really?
A gun on school campus?
Patriot's Day Attack
Student charges teacher with instigating attacks
High school student charged for attacking a classmate
School district personnel threatened by students
Fight in school cafeteria leads to arrests
Police investigate bus assault
High school assault in Ottawa
Threat against schools ;eads to increased police presence
Pepper spray fight in school leads to 3 arrests
Student makes school shooting threats on social media, RCMP get their man
Fearing retribution middle schooler hangs himself
Student assaulted by high school teacher
School bus assault, middle schooler charged
School bus crash leaves 1 dead, kids OK
Ammunition left on school bus
The Kicking Game
Indiana the first to require an armed employee in every school?
Middle school girl sent to the hospital after being beaten on the school bus
School-shooting threat in Tempe
CDC School Violence Statistics
Student charged in school cafeteria attack
A boy is burned on a school bus, charges filed
After voicing threats on a school bus, a student is removed in handcuffs
A middle school teacher is attacked
6 children wounded, principal killed in grenade attack in Pakistan
Students try to poison teacher with hand sanitizer
Chinese school knife attack leaves two dead
Vineland High Students Threatened School Shooting
Carbon monoxide poisoning in Atlanta school reminds us of the importance of functional protocols
Storm shows the importance of being ready to evacuate quickly
Business Continuity Planning for Schools
School Safety Tips by Dr. Sonayia Shepherd
Parental Involvement and School Safety
Ohio Crash Kills 3 Teens, One on Graduation Day
Violent School Bullying Sparks Outrage
Student Wounded in Shooting at Oakland High School
Suspect Arrested for Child Abduction Tried Taking Home Other Kids Before
Shooting Reported at Chapel Hill Elementary School
Argument heard before teens shot, 1 fatally, in Shoreline
Student Fires Shot Inside Atlantic City Charter School
Students Suspended, Not Expelled for Bringing Knife to School
Police Investigate Fatal Shooting
Another Underwear Bomb incident prevented
Social media and schools
Search Fails to Find Missing Girl, 12